PASTORAL Wall Murals

Decorating walls for many centuries, narrative pastoral patterns applied on fabric or wallpaper have created an extraordinary and impressive style of decoration by reflecting the flora, geographical features, human and animal figures, and architectural characteristics of their regions, adorning the walls of the world’s most beautiful places. These papers, which typically include exotic depictions from […]

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There are many services that I offer as designmixer. But, I must admit  one of my most favorite and funnest job of all is  cross-cultural design items sourcing since it is involved with lots of traveling, searching and discoveries. Finding the most beautiful fabrics, decorative items, antiques, arts, crafts,  and right pieces for the specific […]

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Ekolojik Doğu Karadeniz Evleri

Haziran ayında Trabzon, Rize ve Artvin yaylarına, doğanın kalbine yaptığımız gezide zihnime adeta mıhlanmış yeşilin tonları, bol oksijenli mis gibi havanın tazeliği özellikle yazın bu kavurucu sıcaklarında hayallerimi süslüyor. İşte tam da bu yüzden gürül gürül sularıyla, yağmurun cila gibi parlattığı yeşiliyle biraz da içinizi rahatlatmayı arzu ettim Ağustos ayının bu sıcak köşesinde.   Türkiye’ […]

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A charming Istanbul Home of an Ottoman Art expert

    Here today, I would like to share with you Serdar Gülgün‘s hilltop home viewing Bosphorus located in Istanbul which I came a cross in Elle Decor magazine. The beautiful house was originally built for an exiled Hungarian pasha in the 1850s Macar Feyzullah Pasha. The house has renovated by the new owner interior designer, author, Ottoman Art […]

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Wishing love and peace on earth!

Peace, love and harmony are 3 things speaking the common language of humanity. Those are the feelings which create the real purpose of our being and we go after them all throughout our lives. They deeply rise in heart and soul.  Once we find  them we never want to loose them ever again.  No doubt, since […]

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Karaköy’ ün zevkle tasarlanmış metropolitan butik oteli, The Haze

İstanbul’ un kalbinde yer alan, her geçen gün sürpriz mekanları ile şehre renk katan Karaköy’ de yepyeni bir Hotel açıldı, The Haze. Otel’ in iç mimarı  GC mimarlığın kurucusu,yetenekli iç mimar ve peysaj mimari, Şebnem Gürcün ile giriş katında Forneria restaurant da lezzetli pizzamızı yerken hoş bir sohbet ile mekanın tasarım hikayesini konuştuk. Ardından tüm binayı […]

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in-di-go culture

This weekend, I visited the exhibition called “Japanese wind at the Ottoman palace”  at the National Palaces Museum in Istanbul.  The story of the Japanese culture and influence on Ottoman empire by the late 19th century was quite interesting, and there I wished I could travel in time machine, witness all the relations build up […]

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Cappadocia Zelve the fairy land of extraordinary nature

The rock houses and the fairy chimneys of Zelve are one of the most  important site of Cappadocia which is visited  as a open-air museum today. Maybe, Zelve does not have the frescos as the other dwellings of Cappadocia but the rooms and passages in the rocky slopes are as interesting as the other ones. It is amazing to think how people settled in these […]

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Relaxing and magical Anatolian decorational style of Nisanyan Hotel in Sirince, Turkey

Originally posted on munahome:
İlyastepe Cottage If you are a well-traveled person, you most probably have eclectic style based on your own travel experiences. Your house has  objects, kilims, fabrics and furnitures from different parts of the world collected within time. Eventhough, there is a limitation to ship or carry the stuff around, one can be find…

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