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There are many services that I offer as designmixer. But, I must admit  one of my most favorite and funnest job of all is  cross-cultural design items sourcing since it is involved with lots of traveling, searching and discoveries. Finding the most beautiful fabrics, decorative items, antiques, arts, crafts,  and right pieces for the specific projects,  meeting with lots of interesting people,  great stores, shop owners, artisans, getting to know about the cultures, their traditions and many more is a great style of working. Here I am going to explain briefly what exactly it involves:

  • Finding and sourcing one of a kind design objects and ethnic materials from different parts of the World
  • collaborating with design shops and designers in Turkey to source special items to abroad.
  • Sourcing eclectic mix of ethnic carpets, lamps, fabrics, furniture, decorative objects, accessories, ceramics, architectural materials like doors, windows from Anatolia for residential and commercial projects in abroad.
  • Local guidance for designers from abroad for who would like to source local materials and decorative items from Turkey
  • Concept oriented shopping for special projects. It involves with market research, product and design development, pricing,  sample making, purchasing, design development, production
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decorative items are from modern tarih store in İstanbul.

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