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  • Before & After Chinoiserie Wallpapers

    Before & After Chinoiserie Wallpapers

    Chinoiserie koleksiyonumuzda klasik anlamıyla Uzak Doğu üslubuna sahip, Avrupa’da çok popüler olmuş bu tasarım stilini modernize etmeyi amaçladık. Önce & Sonra. Görseller üzerindeki okları sağa sola hareket ettirerek, desenlerin mekanlardaki şaşırtıcı etkisini görebilirsiniz.

  • Bir tasarımcının evi…

    Bir tasarımcının evi…

    ‘TV4 ‘deki Metre Kare programi Dekorasyon ve mimari meraklılarını buluşturup, ev dekorasyonundan, duvar renk seçimine, eşya yerleşiminden, huzurlu bir ev ortamı için küçük tüyolara kadar her şeyi ekranlara taşıyor.’

  • İstanbul’u dinliyorum gözlerim kapalı… Designmixer Kurucusu Tijen Samuray’ ın Fenerbahçe’deki ev dekorasyonu

    İstanbul’u dinliyorum gözlerim kapalı… Designmixer Kurucusu Tijen Samuray’ ın Fenerbahçe’deki ev dekorasyonu

    Istanbul’u dinliyorum gozlerim kapali…

  • SIGNATURE Collection

    SIGNATURE Collection

    Our familiar ancient motifs of Turkish Decorative Arts are transformed with Far East decorations, meeting us with a new and unique identity. Nestling and blending the similarities of the Central Asian Turkic Culture and the Far Eastern and Asian arts, the collection reflects this unique harmony to walls, also incorporating the figurative details. An homage…

  • PLAID Collection

    PLAID Collection

    Tartan, a symbol of Scotland, reinterpreted by Designmixer… Classical elegance that can be easily combined with any of our other patterns. Please contact us for special recommendations from our team.

  • ABSTRACT Collection

    ABSTRACT Collection

    On walls showcasing a light-to-dark shade progression of one hue, and variety of colors, the possibilities are endless and exciting. It is a belending background softens and gives a deep feeling to the space. The ombre effect can be given at any color coordination and hue custom design space required in any choice of wallpaper…

  • FANCY Collection

    FANCY Collection

    A reflection of imagination and the surreal, the collection emphasizes dreams and reality in a mind-boggling, interesting, and striking way. Inspired by mystical powers, mythology, and mysterious worlds, the collection creates an extraordinary, pictorial and artistic impact by combining quaint textures.

  • KIDS Collection

    KIDS Collection

    It is the place where your child sleeps, studies, plays, and spends most of their time.The colors, patterns and favorite images used on the walls are all selected to give your precious ones the most beautiful feelings. Custom designed wall murals designed by designmixer. Digital prints on vinyl wallpaper quality. Each of them are specifically…