A charming Istanbul Home of an Ottoman Art expert

Serdar Gulgun' s Home in İstanbul

Ottoman-Art-Expert-Serdar-Gulgun' s-Istanbul-home1-designmixer






Serdar Gulgun' s house in Bosphorus





Here today, I would like to share with you Serdar Gülgün‘s hilltop home viewing Bosphorus located in Istanbul which I came a cross in Elle Decor magazine. The beautiful house was originally built for an exiled Hungarian pasha in the 1850s Macar Feyzullah Pasha. The house has renovated by the new owner interior designer, author, Ottoman Art expert and came back to live in high style away being from modern style. The bold interior details, rich colors, furnishings, fantastic fabrics, antiques, objects and artworks draw a strong stylish image in the charming pavilion.

I can see elements of eclecticism bringing old Ottoman, French  and Chinese style together in interior which makes the space more elegant and loving. This dynamic, individual and intimate home definetly has one of a kind interior and could be considered in the most beautiful homes in the world with its exotic style.

images via Elle Decor magazine


Designer (Textile & Interior Design)

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