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A charming Istanbul Home of an Ottoman Art expert

    Here today, I would like to share with you Serdar Gülgün‘s hilltop home viewing Bosphorus located in Istanbul which I came a cross in Elle Decor magazine. The beautiful house was originally built for an exiled Hungarian pasha in the 1850s Macar Feyzullah Pasha. The house has renovated by the new owner interior designer, author, Ottoman Art […]

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Modern Tarih ile yakınlaşan Uzakdoğu

Hani daha önce hiç bulunmadığınız, aklınızı başınızdan alan bir ülkeye gider, yepyeni yaşam şekilleri görür, bunları zihninize kazımak ister, hatıra olarak da evinizde sergilemek istediğiniz objeleri bavulunuza tıka basa doldurup dönersiniz, ama gene de eksik kalan, nasıl taşıyacağınızı bilemediğiniz o  güzel parçalar vardır ya, işte Modern Tarih ticari olarak üretilmemiş yerel kültürlerin kimliklerini en orijinal […]

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Interior Designer Zeynep Fadıllıoglu’ s fantastic Istanbul house in bosphorus

Originally posted on munahome:
Today, we will be visiting Turkish Interior Designer Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu‘ s (owner of ZF Design) fantastic house located in Bosphorus of Istanbul by the beautiful interior images from Vogue Living Australia magazine. The master of mixed ethnic styles Mrs. Fadıllıoğlu exposes her fancy talent and elegant style in her own nest playing with…

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A wonderful flea market weekend day at Portobello

Decorating homes by found objects and accessories from flea markets are always a good idea if it comes to adding some personality and uniqueness to spaces. But, I have to accept I enjoy the discovery part of it even more… Sourcing goods from the flea markets definitely needs a high attention, good memory, concentration, keen eye, good bargaining skills […]

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A Sensational Room

I always love the room decorations completed by eastern antique figures and art pieces. While they  add sophistication by their characters, they express gratitude of life.  Therefore, to me they are the best complements of living spaces by their poistive energy and that explains why they help to add sensation where they stand. I think the smart combination of […]

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Exotic Bathroom project by Designmixer

While bathrooms are being one of the most private rooms of the home, I found them very exciting spaces to surprise and cross over the borders of usual decoration.  I also found clients feel more comfortable to apply interesting ideas onto their bathrooms.  We were contracted to make the decoration of 450sqmt Ömerli Villa past year. Eventually, the house […]

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Ancient Treasures Looted, Destroyed in Egypt’s Chaos

Here is the post fr Nat Geo magazine today about the destroy story of Egyptian Museum. Archaeologist Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, reports that several of the country’s museums have been attacked by looters taking advantage of the political turmoil in the country. In the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, looters stole […]

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