Watch out! You may get addicted to your room if you have a fireplace and a carpet!


white room and fireplace

To start designing a room around a focal point is always a good idea. It  gives helpful direction to lay out the furniture and accessories which are used in interior. One of the best focal element works perfectly fine in almost in every space is definetely a fireplace. By its modern, classic or traditional style it draws immediate attention to any corner or area where ever it is placed into. It also  gives an opportunity  to create a unique background for outstanding designed rooms.

If a fireplace and carpet/rug combination get together in the setting, than  I would say “watch out”! It might  be really hard to leave the room and you may get addicted to your space easily… These two elements work like a magnet and draws people around it. They are so powerful and functional in interior  design which not only warm up the space but also our  soul. If you are a type of person desire to live in soulful places I think…

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One thought on “Watch out! You may get addicted to your room if you have a fireplace and a carpet!

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