A wonderful flea market weekend day at Portobello

Decorating homes by found objects and accessories from flea markets are always a good idea if it comes to adding some personality and uniqueness to spaces. But, I have to accept I enjoy the discovery part of it even more… Sourcing goods from the flea markets definitely needs a high attention, good memory, concentration, keen eye, good bargaining skills and a good plan… If you are lucky enough to have all these talents gathered in you, nothing could stop you to become the master of the flea market shopping. The more you do the right decisions and get positive results, the more you become confident with yourself and get addicted. I find out most of the people who buys from flea markets are proud of themselves doing so and I don’ t blame them! Last weekend, in my trip to London I again had my best time visiting Portobello Saturday market and  found great antique, vintage items. Finally, ended up buying a huge antique Japanese design book which I m delighted by every single page  of it now… It seems like I will get highly inspired in my next design collection  from that since sparks my creativity anytime I look at it… What could I expect more from a Portobello trip?

Portobello ShopsThere are some tastefull small shops in Portobello streets selling new items as well but they still carry the romantic antique look

Vintage and Antique items

Open Market Silver CutleryThe silver cutlery stands on the street are so beautiful and one of my most favorite spots. It is always possible to find exactly what you are looking for with all the great options and prices they offer… It is also the part of the joy to meet with sellers and listen stories about what they are selling and how much they travel around the world. I should say they are most of the time very colorful people and nice to chat with!

A store in Portobello

Vintage chrocodile handbagsRecently, I started to like these type of crocodile bags more… Don’ t you think t they look adorable?

vintage laceSeeing all these laces and flowers put me into romantic mood while I was wandering around…

antique sewing machines at All Saints storeThe fashion store called All Saints is a great store which reflects perfectly the sense of being located in Portobello by its hundreds os antique sewing machines displayed on its store walls!!!

A store owner

This is another reason I like Portobello so much. It  has a unique personality, the sellers are real people and they even carry their dogs to their stores. Look at this lovely doogy friend how he waits in his store in the busy in Portobello day and let to be petted by the people around him. I felt like he could start talking with me at any point and share his memories but he was just having a good time  looking around him…

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