Style your office the way it makes you happy!

Here is a happy and inspirational post which I wrote today for Muna Home’ s blog.


clean and creative office space

What could be more inspirational than living and working in a space according to your desired stylewithout defined borders.  Why to limit the options only to what has been perceived as an acceptable classic office type of space? I think many people and cooperations are falling into that mistake and they keep on creating close boxes for their own people and kill their creativity in the first place. What a big mistake? But, I won’t concentrate on that right now, I will rather show you some inspirational interiors which could be great for bright and soulful offices.  After, you review them I hope you ask yourself about what makes you happy and in what kind of space you want to work in? Here we go…

swedish designer marie olsson nylander home officevia sfgirlbybay

This working corner is belong to Swedish interior designer marie olsson nylander. The plexi chairs on white rustic woods creates an exciting contrast. The raw table, industrial lighting, accessories, photos and the artwork on…

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