It is one of those days!

It is one of those days, I have many things in my mind and things to do but I don’ t know where exactly I should  start. I happen to think, maybe I shall just stop, breathe deeply and leave the office or , keep calm and just do things, continue and observe how things come along as time goes by.  So when I  was wandering around by the burden of this guilt trip, I looked at my desk and decided to take its picture, write a blog post about my instant moment of thoughts to share with you the feelings I had hoping that it helps me to start from somewhere.


Designer (Textile & Interior Design)

3 thoughts on “It is one of those days!

    1. Thank you! Right after I posted it, a new customer came along for a new project. We had a meeting and I had to concentrate on to him only. After that I catched up few things and left the office. So I could say it naturally worked out:) But, it is wise to tackle one thing at once, I really have to remind myself more often:) Thanks for the suggestion and have a great day to both of you!

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