Muna Home, the carpet brand of combinations and cultural mixtures

Carpets and rugs, the most decorative items of all times is probably one of the most essential decorative element of  interiors. They provide warmth and energy to each space they join. Their function is not only absorbing echo, covering floors, providing softness, adding color and style, but also symbolizing the culture and history. Each knot, each design, each material or dying technique talks about its cultural heritage. The depth of the color, the lay out and style of the figures, the size of the knots, they all mean something.  In most of the cultures with historical background to read the carpets and to know which location it was created is even considered a part of artistic intellectuality  …

While I love to talk about the carpets and adore their beautiful patterns and techniques, I will introduce you to a lovely carpet brand called Muna Home.

You probably know by now, I always love the idea to have a meaningful story of a brand, product or design. To me if it was created without any force or sole  opportunist approach than it is real and honest. If the creater  is reflecting his/her own vision and style then it is personal and it glows like the new  home decor brand Muna Home shining on the hands of great couple of Cicu family

Last month, while me and Barış were in Barcelona, I had a chance to meet with Yasmin_the owner of Muna Home_ again after the last time we met in Istanbul few years back . This time we had spent a full great day together in lovely Barcelona and  we found out we have common interests especially in terms of design and style. And I am so happy today we re in touch almost everyday since then. She told me about her wonderful brand and I simply loved all the things she talked about. So I decided to write about the nice, contemporary and eclectic carpet brand of Cicu’ s  family, MUNA HOME

As soon as Yasmin explained me all the story behind, I understood this brand is actually an extension of their background and rich cultures. It is a vision and life style perfectly reflecting Designmixer philosophy which I loved:)  Yasmin Cicu coming from Turkey having Abkhasian family roots and Gianluca Cicu coming from Italy having roots from Sardinia.( It is a great coincidence these two people from different nationalities were actually carrying the same family names. That is another  separate, interesting story, anyways…)

Yasmin told me they are drawn together by their diverse cultural backgrounds and love of ethnically inspired arts and crafts, they both share a passion for interior decoration and design. Muna Home, with its exclusive collection of rugs and home accessories, is the result of their collaboration and vision. They  love and like to combine, custom-made & creativity, design & colors,  rugs & accessories, tradition and innovation, Barcelona & Istanbul & Italy, ethnic & contemporary.

Aside of all cultural mixtures, styles and lucky coincidences,  Yasmin has long years of experience in carpet industry and she has deep technical and marketing knowledge in this field. So Muna Home came alive based on all these  facts.

Today, Muna Home  has three main collection in the market where they work with different materials and technic.

Textura, Art & Knots and Pura Lana.

A carpet piece from Art & Knots collection

Yasmin explains   ” In our Art & Knots Collection, each piece we make is unique. The rugs are hand-made by rug makers in Turkey, one of the leading centers of rug production in the world. Hand- knotted for flat woven (kilim), we have worked hard to find the best craftsmen in the market. By bringing these dedicated and highly-skilled craftsmen together, and working with the finest yarns, colours, intricate patterns and designs, we produce unique, timeless pieces that add elegance and chic to any milieu”.

The color combos of these rugs are not only trendy but also combines easily with different colors of home decor

Seasonal color catalogs of Muna Home provides flexibility to designers for custom made projects

Muna Home’ s over-dyed vintage rug collection  made out of old yarns gives a sophisticated look into spaces where they are laid by their weathered, time aged effect

Gianluca proudly sits on the authentic Turkish carpet collection of Arts & Knots which was cut from old Turkish carpets and sewn back together  and overdyed in red color

Yasmin describes Pura Lana collection by its following story “we worked with a different material, high quality sheepskins from New Zealand. This exclusive collection of luxury, lifestyle products is a new interpretation of one nature’s finest materials. Traditional sheepskins are transformed by Muna Home’s contemporary designs into timeless, elegant creations for your home.”

Inspired from Yasmin’ s  Abkhasian family roots, Muna Home decided to create a little collection called Textura collection with the Abkhasian designer Yigitcan Gücger which they also call Abkhasia. While designer  creating this collection he took  inspiration from the ancient family crests of some of  Abkhasia’s oldest families. The result was a beautiful collection of elegant rugs in which the traditional crests were given a modern interpretation. Made from 100% wool, the crests’ many shapes and symbols were carved into the rugs to create original, attractive designs.

A close up look to soft and fine, plushy carpet of Textura Collection

Hand carving process of carpet

Elegant form of swirl form is so chic and natural on the Textura collection of Muna Home

A hand carved style from Textura Collection

Muna Home carries complementery decorative furnitures in their lines as well such as this softy bean bag which coordinates beautifully with the carpet underneath

Muna Home is on style shooting

 Muna Home is at work

Yasmin is enjoying to learn to work on the handloom

Muna Home runs production only in small runs and with outmost care and paying close attention to every detail. Crafting with the finest quality materials and custom-made  according to  their customer’ s needs in terms of  size, colour, shape and finish.

In their next collection this time Muna Home will go back to Gianluca’s roots which they have inspired from the beautiful island Sardinia.

Currently,  Gianluca and Yasmin Cicu is working  from their studios in Barcelona and Istanbul, each day creating  quality interior lifestyle products, rugs, carpets designed to add a touch of style and exclusivity to modern work spaces and elegant, stylish homes. I am looking forward to decorate beautiful homes using their lovely carpets and rugs to add spice to the rooms. And I must say I am very curious about their next collection inspired by Sardinia!

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  1. Everyone in New York adores hardwood flooring and I always hated it because I didn’t really feel like walking on it and wouldn’t care enough about a rug to put one down… however some of these are absolutely blowing my mind.

    They’re great.

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