How wonderful to be Freshly Pressed at WordPress for a blogger!!

Pomegranate is the symbol of opullence and fertility in Turkey

Today, is the day I m celebrating my joyful feeling of  being a happy blogger. Today is the day I am getting my HUGE gift from WordPress by at least getting  10 times more traffic and comments to my blog. I can not tell you enough how wonderful it is to know that my passions are actually being well received and appreciated  by people from all around the world. After spending one year in front of my computer writing and keep posting by perseverance and without thinking any profit I finally got my gift being freshly pressed at wordpress by my post  named “Enjoy colors of Spring while you can.”

While I was thinking about the ways of building better way of SEO for my blog, bammm!!, today early in the morning, I came across by the high rank of visitor numbers and constant messages from you my friends. Without even thinking that I could be freshly pressed at wordpress I told to myself that I must have done something right here!!??!!  The early comments in the morning have started from the east side of the world where the sun first shined, from Australia, India, Korea etc.. than by the sun moved its direction the traffic moved to west to Dubai, Africa then Europe, Italy, England, France… then it reached to the continent of America. Although I based in Istanbul, Turkey I get comments from all the world. This was exactly the reason I wrote my blog in English it was to reach to Universe. Starting from local and growing up to Universe. This is actually the advice which has given just today at Ecodesign Conference at YEM by Socialog and future forecaster Francesco Morace from Future Concept Lab. He was very right about the values which he has marked during his presentation of todays society and world which is very different from 10 years back. “Sharing, being simple, transparent, clear, quick and deep, unique and universal.” He also said today “anybody can be anybody they want and anything they want to do.” They can be an artist, they can be photographer, they can be philosopher or they can be writer… Today the world is away being credit only super heroes but by technology and fast communication we touch more into ground. I could not more agree with him. Being a proud blogger today, I feel I m at the center of my being, balanced and aware of my capabilities and vision. I am open to share this joy to the world and ready to build relations with people with similar interest and keep walking with them through their own experiences and passionate issues or causes of  they have. All I need to do is to welcome them to my house of designmixer and to knock their door to visit their house. Although, while we can be distant from each other, we all know we are all just a click away. I thank you to all my new friends and visitors who knocked my door and visited my blog today and have their valuable time to comment on my page and congratulate me. Believe me as being a blogger there is no bigger joy than that. All the hours, days and months I ve spent in front of my computer to write and to share has all worthed today, I feel no longer alone rather well received! I hope you keep knocking back my door in the future while I  m exploring values of  aesthetic and crosscultural design world!


Designer (Textile & Interior Design)

19 thoughts on “How wonderful to be Freshly Pressed at WordPress for a blogger!!

  1. Congradts!
    Pomegranate is “the symbol of opullence and fertility” too in Chinese folk art. In the old days, families planted pomegranate in their yard and wished to have more children (prosperity of the family). It is also a common motif on things like vessles and handcrafts. In addition, it has pretty color and a nice taste!

    1. It is very interesting how certain things are common in different cultures. That always amazes me… Thanks for sharing me the Chinese perspective of Pomegranate…

    1. Thank u very much! That is exactly what it is. I m happy hard work with love for your site is the still the best tool for search optimization rather than link submissions made by mapyments…

  2. A pomegranate shaped vase, making the assumption that is a vase, is so unique! The colors are so pretty and vibrant, simply awesome.

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. Glad I found your blog through it! 🙂

    1. Hello! Thank u very much. Glad to rcv. your message and found your blog as well. U ve nice shots at your site my friend. The pomegranates are only decorative objects they are the same size as the fruits. Traditional Turkish design objects painted eith Çini tecnique.

  3. …. a big congrats to you!!!!! … You are truly inspiring … joyfull passionate colourful and powerfull sharing stories …personal experiences ,ideas and visions !!…..wishing you alot of joy and happiness ahead …… happy to share with you those moments ! ….

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