Nature at the mountains while crossing seasons

I m lucky enough to enjoy nature and crossing seasons recently with all its glory. Today, I am just back from the trip which we made up on to the mountains. Me and Barış were kind of thinking since Spring season has already arrived to Istanbul it was time now to chase after it on the country site. So we have decided to visit my cousin who happily lives with his wife on the Bolu mountains since more than 10 years… It took us 2 and half hours to reach to place where we headed. But the season we come across was nothing like Spring. Was it matter really? Noooo!!!! After seeing all the stunning beauty of nature, smelling the fresh grass and smoky woods I said to myself “nature is always welcoming, pure, stunning and beautiful with all sorts of shapes and colors” so I don’t need any specific season to like it more. (even though some changes provides all the fresh energy to get excited like Spring!)

So while we escaped from city to load fresh air into our lungs and get away from all hassle and bassle we ended up by piles of landscape and country-style photos. Since my article named Enjoy colors of spring while you can was published at Freshly pressed wordpress site, I was already overwhelmed by all the great comments from everywhere in the world this weekend. So I must admit that was a huge driving factor for me to capture more photo shoots from the mother nature and share with the people who loves nature at least as much as I do. So I hope this time, you will like to walk with me into the woods by these photos. Enjoy!!

This is Zeytin (Olive), my cousin’ s mountain cat who lives a great life at the farm. He is really huge by the way:)

This baby cow is only 2 months old and so adorable and loving

There is a high positive energy in this farm which has surrounded by the love and respect to nature

A view from the village

Barış is zooming into the nature

Beautiful yellow flowers are the messengers of spring season. Although the full season has not arrived yet to the mountains it informs the season change is on the way

I m looking outside from the window

Chasing spring looking at the fresh green grass on the way

Although the trees are not bloomed with the flowers or green leaves yet, the shapes of empty branches are so interesting for photography

During the day, we came across by all sorts of different daylight effects under the moving massive active clouds. Some lights even sharpened the colors more and provided such a dramatic effect

The little boy walking on the road is carrying a tree branch as the rest of the village people. Although he is only 2 years old he knows exactly where he is heading to..

The shapes of the trees, its branches, colors, textures are so rich from any angle they provide a stunning pose

The roots of a tree. Strongly connected to the earth

The wooden exterior of the farm warehouse has been main architectural element of ecological life style of country living in all cultures same as in this village

I happily share with you that this is the view of our land which we will be making our farm-house hopefully soon

A typical village house on the mountain

This wild river’ s water source is the melting snows at the mountains. Because of heavy winter this year it flows wildly.

The next day we decided drive even higher to the mountains to see the last snow of the year

We came across by wild beauty of snowy mountains and melting ice of the crater lake

The long pine trees by the frozen lake

This Anatolian village lady is trying to sell her colorful knitted flowers to visitors

Since Abant Lake is very interesting for the tourists some village man helps people to make horse riding around the lake while they enjoy scenery

Abant crator Lake lies in the altitude of 1,328 m (4,357 ft) which is pretty high from the sea level and is frozen during winter time

Now April is the time the lake melts back to be green again

Under the fluffy white cloudy sky, the water gets interesting shades and provides beautiful scenery for interesting photography

Where I live is Turkey, a country which lives 4 seasons in a year but surprisingly may also live 4 seasons even in one month as you may see in these photos!

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  1. You were right about me liking this, this is extrodinary photography. The landscapes were my favorite and it made me feel like i was there. This seems like a very cozy area with solice and quiet that could only be interupted by the sound of a breeze. You see – I told you i got lost in your photos -,o

      • I Agree with you and i enjoy finding peace in beautiful imagery. It’s what made me want to travel around New York again like i was a tourist. But keep up the good work and continue showing us this beautiful land you come from, i do enjoy it -,o

  2. Thanks for pointing me here. Really enjoy this one as well. It would be such a waste to not capture such great scenes with advanced photography skills in a trip. Do keep up the good work. Look forward to more of you posts and trips. 🙂

  3. Merhaba Tijen,
    Interesting notes and very nice pictures.
    Good that you have 4 seasons in Turkey, we have only two seasons in Indonesia: dry and rainy seasons.
    I had visited Turkey few years ago: Istanbul-Ankara-Capadoccia.

    I hope that I will another chance for visiting Turkey.

    • I want to visit Indonesia so badly especially Bali. You reall do have a nice country.. I m hoping that it wb my next stop in Far East. You should read my articles and see photos about Cappadocia, if you had been there it ll refreshen your mind… There are many interesting things to see in Turkey for a photographer. I m sure u ll enjoy..

  4. You are absolute genius dear. . I love all the photos ..had a great time looking your photos it feels like I’m in there and my inner self is telling me that should be there soon. Fantastic shots very artistic.

    “enjoying the beauty of nature at its finest.”

    Followed you!keep posting photos like this please 🙂


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