Designmixer Philosophy

Designmixer is an interior design blog which desires to mix and gather creative design ideas, talents, art pieces, objects, furnitures  from all around the world to inspire minds with style. It talks about their story,  shares the history, local culture, the idea behind them  which forms the creation process. Designmixer brings the far away cultures right near by its own honesty and  only recommends the one of a kinds and bests to the design enthusiasts and connoisseurs  of  life  in its colorful pages. Today,  its world citizen community is getting bigger who are free thinkers, discoverers with  unrestful minds and always eager to have a better vision and a more inspiring life from all the things they see, learn and experience.  Cause they are aware, all this knowledge within time builds a unique style subconsciously and Designmixer loves to trigger this creative side  to bring them alive.. Enjoy being your own Designmixer right here!

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