A city living in color of broken mosaics

Gaudi had achieved to embellish  hard to decorate surfaces with beautiful colors of Mediterranean ceramics. This technique of gathering the previously broken pieces of ceramic called trencadis. I certainly give credit to the laborers who had worked  madly on realization of the crazy design projects of  Gaudi.  Today, it is a feast to the eye of residents and visitors of Barcelona to view the city in color by these beautiful unusual  forms of  bright-colored surfaces.

Each and every other corner, detail of those mosaic compositions are unique by their patterns, shapes, color combos  and overall designs. They are all photogenic and could be used as inspiration for designers who are working with colors. Here are some close up shots to these surfaces most of them are taken in Park Güell…

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    • Thank you Evren! Great culture and creative soul is everywhere in Barcelona. Wonderful place really. It can be never ending story:)
      I also enjoy your posts fr South Africa… Pls. send more, I m sure you have tons of pictures:)

    • Thank you very much. I m happy to hear you liked it.Means alot to me! I ve another blogposts under Barcelona. Cassa Battlo is there! Yes of course I visited the Casa Batllo. Wonderful dreamy place!Your web site is great thanks for stopping by my blog and for your suggestion!

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