Gaudi’ s unusual decorative and architectural elements

The anthropomorphic shapes are the most crowning elements of Catalan’ s art nouveau stream called Modernista. The snail, spiral and organic forms, leaning columns, soft hand shaped materials, whirlpools, uneven holes, bone like shapes, melting shapes,  most extraordinary designs are all part of Catalan architecture.

The mad man, genius Catalan architect of the human history, Antoni Gaudi is the main figure who had the courage to include all these  natural amorphic forms  into hard materials of strong architectural figures. By softening the shapes the usual stone had gained a different movement by random or repetitive curves on his mind and hands. As looking at the world from a different point of view  he transformed the linear forms of architecture into sculptural quality like no one ever did before….

Imagine,  today we are astonished by all of his work , I wonder how his contemporaries were reacting to his work at that time? What the regular person on the street  was thinking about his works? I tried to catch up some of these forms and beautiful curves from a closer look. After studying him and seeing some of his major work,  it is a wonderful feeling to understand where he was coming from, how he had interpreted flora, the morphology of organisms into his structural elements…

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