Mies Van Der Rohe’ s Bauhaus style building in Barcelona

I keep posting about Barcelona as the city has a wide range of  architectural gems which dazzled my mind by their beauty. From classic to modern, local to international, detailed to simple, historical to contemporary but all have common point they are all creative, fun and inspirational. This makes the city to write on and on….Not only great Catalan artists and architects have masterpieces in the city, but also the great international architects such as Mies van der  Rohe (1886-1969) has symbolic buildings for architectural history .

This Bauhaus style construction  designed by Mies Van der Rohe was initially constructed as Germany Pavillion for the purpose of Barcelona International Exhibition in 1926. Today, the building is functioning by the  Mies Van der Rohe foundation and organising important events and exhibitions about modern architecture.

Today, it is a symbol of Modern architecture,   Bauhaus stream which is supporting the functional side of the design. The minimal structure he used in styling the building provides free-flowing open space.  The motto phrase  of the modern architecture “less is  more”  turns into reality by Mies van der Rohe the way he lays out this construction.

The long vertical lean lines of the building makes a perfect site to picture the building. The real structure embraces an almost architectural drawing quality and each photo reflects a sophisticated point of view from any direction.

Three elements of natural balance was included at Rohe’ s masterpiece. Stone, metal, water! However, I realize the wood is not there? Did I feel anything missing? I must admit “No!”. Maybe the trees which surrounds the building fills that missing part.  It proves again modernism has deep sophistication if it has applied by deep thoughts of a talented mind.

The only artistic object used at the pavilion is the woman sculpture called “evening” which is made by the sculpture Georg Kolbe which sits in the shallow pool of the building. The linear lines of the building frame this graceful figure sculpture in most elegant way.

I also find very meaningful that a symbol of  modern architecture was built-in Barcelona by a German architect. It makes me think again urban creativity somehow finds its soul in Barcelona,  no matter if that was created by a local or international architect. Maybe it is the reason Mies Van der Rohe has named his most well-known piece of furniture under this city name “Barcelona chair“.    Art and architecture loves Barcelona no matter where it has originated from or  whoever it was created by!

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