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Kültür Gezginlerinin Durağı Endülüs

Dünya ne kadar geniş, siyasi sınırlar ne kadar kesin çizgiler ile belirlenmiş olursa olsun  tarih ve kültür hiç bir kalıba sığdırılamaz. Medeniyet tarihi boyunca fetih etme iç güdüsü ile yanıp tutuşan insanlık farklı coğrafyalarda kültürel izlerini bırakarak  yollarına devam eder. Hatta görünüm olarak tezat oluşturdukları bölgelerde sıra dışı bir sürpriz olarak karşılanırlar. Tıpkı tam da […]

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A city living in color of broken mosaics

Gaudi had achieved to embellish  hard to decorate surfaces with beautiful colors of Mediterranean ceramics. This technique of gathering the previously broken pieces of ceramic called trencadis. I certainly give credit to the laborers who had worked  madly on realization of the crazy design projects of  Gaudi.  Today, it is a feast to the eye of residents and visitors of Barcelona to […]

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Living local at Market Hotel, Barcelona

There are some  metropolitan cities in the world which has unique style that puts you into mood immediately and helps you to move according to its own rhythm. Such as walking faster in NY, taking often breaks to drink coffee and wine in Paris, wandering around in Istanbul streets etc… This temporary characteristics  in different cities can only happen if you […]

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Barcelona, a fairy city living in Art Nouveau Style

Another trip has been finalized in great passion.. Today, feeling like I have visited an art museum in the size of a city. Filled up by so much information as well as inspiration. I am lucky if I could download all the things I have seen into some part of my brain so my subconscious would feed my creativeness to broad my perspective… Put yourself […]

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