Créme de le Créme Style of Kasbah Tamadot on the hills of Atlas Mountains – Travel Style

Did you know the best Small Hotel of Africa and The best Small Hotel of Moroccolies on the  Atlas mountains of  Marrakesh? We were lucky enough to find that out while we were driving through the hilly roads of the Moroccon country side. This beautiful North African retreat has named Kasbah (a fortified mud-brick castle, often strategically situated where warlords could control the passage of desert caravansTamadot on its hills. The place  was first discovered  by the parents of Sir Richard Branson who turned the resident into  an award winning small Luxury Hotel. The place has been rewarded as ‘Best Small Hotel Morocco‘ as well as ‘Best Small Hotel Africa‘ at the African Hotel Awards 2011  last year.

Sir Richard Branson’ s Kasbah design is a very good example of cultural mix of styles.  Its charming interior includes antiques from India, Morocco, Africa and Italy. The place has intended to enhance the positive feelings towards its surrounding nature and culture. That must be the reason why this place is called as retreat not just as a Hotel.

The building structure and facade  is  unique by its materials, color and workmanship and blends perfectly with the surrounding Berber villages. Handmade earthy mud-bricks, rough wooden beams, glazed green ceramic roof tops and decorative plaster treatment  called tagguebbast, zellij  are all typical local architectural details used in Morocco.

The resting areas are most of the cases half open only seperated by rich fabrics. Inner and outer spaces are brilliantly connected by the zellij style ceramic cut mosaics.

Earthy red mud-walls of Kasbah are enriched by the hand carved details

The lotus shaped brass lights are highly decorative by its huge size and interesting shape

Every other room designed has a palace quality

Bold and rich colors of Africa, elegantly mix by the Colonial Style of furnitures

The luxuries individual tents are probably the most luxuries tents in Africa

The view of the landscape is heavenly blessed in the heart of the Berber land

The mix of geometrical details with oriental look of the gate

The Indian guard figures at the Antique Gate and Zellij floor is elegantly complimenting each other

The boxes at the gate are enhancing the feeling of hidden treasure and oriental richness at the property

Beautiful  Tagguebbast craft work surrounding the Arch shape gate at the lobby

The Antique paintings hanged on the walls are enhancing the value of magical excotism in each space  providing a Royal quality

Both  pastoral figures on the carved plasters  and paintings on the walls  are  referencing the  nature outside

The elegance and Far Eastern quality are decorating the red walls of Kasbah in a unique way

Almost every other door is an art piece. Some of the doors are from India and some from Morocco.

The colors, mixed materials are all different than another and richly handcrafted.

The rich colored pillows, carpets and tassels are all providing a welcoming sense in the Kasbah

Most of the walls are brightly polished and colored by the typical Moroccan finishing technique called Tadlekt  

Since the former owner of the property was Italian, the place still carries exquisite details of fine Italian look. Especially, the nature and design of the garden,  I could see high similarities with the Toscana landscape here. It is possible to swim at the heated pool even in winter.

The little statues placed into the rooms in the corners adds an European influenced  look. Horseshoe door openings are connecting places in a typcial oriental way

Each furniture has some interesting details which makes every other corner a showcase of refined taste.

The Kasbah is helping local berber villagers by giving them opportunity to  work at their hotel. This way they are helping to the economy of  the local Berber community.

The savory lunch at the Kasbah

The small boutique looking at the inner patio carries beautiful local art and crafts of Berber Villages.

terracotta and marble mosaics gracefully compliment each other

The Far Eastern and North African details are brilliantly mixed at the Hotel

The antique Indian astrological globe at inner court yard

One of the nicest part of the hotel is the navy ceramic pool which is covered by the fresh flowers and surrounded by Zellij floor

There is also an Italian Toscana alike look at the open spaces

Enjoying the sunny day on 2nd of January in Atlas Mountains feeling like I m visiting the heaven on earth

I am at the gate which opens its doors to splendid beauty of exotic mix of styles.

I found not only the boutique hotel  classy, but also the service and the staff members. They have the most professional quality by their kind attitude. Katherine is taking me around giving information about this wonderful place.

Swinging in this antique piece of furniture could only make you feel like a royal meber. Thats the magic ambience in Kasbah which magnets people craving for the exotic créme de le créme lifestyle into its property from thousand miles away.

Open Air spaces’ decoration is as detailed as the inside of the dwell. There is an enchanted quality of craft in each and every other wall, gate or window beneath the shadows of green lush.

The camels on the hills of Atlas mountains up on the 2000mt backed up by snowy rocky and forest landscape

By the courtesy of Kasbah Tamadot

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