Magical Style of Exotic Marrakech – Travel Style

It has been  a while I wanted to feel Morocco by all senses physically by being there. It was no satisfying  for me any longer to read, listen and watch, the time was reached to be surrendered with them all and experience by the first hand. Finally, I have accomplished my mission to travel to Morocco at the end of 2011 and welcomed the New Year of 2012.  What a right decision it was! Simply felt goose bumps over my body as soon as I stepped in to Medina. The people walking in their local gowns with a very spooky attitude, beautiful old iron street lights starting to lighten the dark and narrow, snake-like roads welcomed us as well as  Mohammed who came to pick us up to take to our  Riad.   We were strolling from one street to another and had no idea where we were heading. But, I could feel the hidden gems behind of all the tall walls and the iron gates.  Knowing being able to explore that and feed my curiosity the next day was the most thrilling feeling. The curves, the conic shapes, earthy colors and interesting beautiful faces of all the locals were the forerunners of all the things which were waiting for us in the next 5 days of our visit.

Ancient Medina Streets giving feeling of  Islamic Gothic city by its oriental mediaeval look

Our luggage are being carried by a local man to our Riad since the car traffic is not allowed into Medina

After settling to our wonderful Riad Capaldi and having a great dinner including Tajin and local wine, we headed ourselves directly to the souks. Our excitement level was increasing in almost every step we were taking. We have met wonderfully nice people and realized Moroccans actually love  Turkish people. They kept saying “you are nice people” and their positive attitude immediately took us  even into a more joyful level.  I could not believe at 10:00pm at night we were still at Souks and the street was totally alive…

The next day early in the morning we have started our day and met with the hard worker talented craftspeople and the sellers in the souk. All the materials and objects by their colors and natural beauty were a work of Art. My mind had started to work in a super speed how to apply them to my projects and use them in spaces which we design.   The streets were simply like an open theater and to be part of  was simply a joyful experience… Think about it, I m a Istanbuler who is  pretty much used to hunt antiques and local designs at the bazaar, but here the whole thing is different from what I used to. The life is honestly exotic and still far from being so-called modern. I m just hoping the global world does not kill all this beauty and standardize  the life style over there….

Here in designmixer, I m so excited to share the things I saw and inspirations I had with the curious people like you. I m also so happy my article about  Morocco will also be published at All Decor magazine in February issue.  Afterall, life is a party as long as it has shared with others. Here is my first post about current face of Morocco from my camera with a designer point of view by all its honesty…

A young seller rushing typical Moroccan style lamps in to his store

Walking Man

Barış is resting in between long walks in Medina infused by traditional style

Leather Market in Souk

Narrow Medina Streets

A central meeting point at Medina square of D’Jeema el Fna which is located in the centre of souks where it is possible to see huge crowd of people from all over the world mixed by locals

Carved, painted wood and tile mosaics are the typical Arab Andalusian and African Style Architectural details which we came across all around Medina.  This detail from Ali Ben Yousef Mederese shows attention to detail, hard work, patience and aesthetics are in the gens of Moroccan people.

Here is  photo of our lovely Riad Capaldi’ s  inner patio. It is usual to come across to the New Moroccan style especially in new Riads simplifying some surface details and exhibiting the modern exotic mix of Moroccan face.

The power of  shapes and strong colors are not only on the interiors and dwell.  It is also on the mysterious jedi-like dresses called djellaba where both local men and women wears. The  local people wearing this long, large hooded dresses sets a theatrical ground by  popping out from all  the narrow streets.  They add unique soul to the magical exotic city.

I figured out Moroccan style loves cone shape. It is everywhere,  on the hooded local clothing, on the spice market, on the ironworks, simply on everywhere

 I could not resist myself to wear one of  the beautiful djellaba and  blend myself  to the local beauty of surrounding. Afterall, the regular boring clothing of modern daily life is not helping me to feel local, so  Baris and I bought our djellabas in the first day. We both felt so comfortable and not out of space wearing this clothes. I deeply wished everybody visits Marrakech would wear one of those. They are comfortable and keep also warm especially when it is cold at night. I can also say that we are very much apprised by the locals being in these dresses:)

Sample of an elegant pattern of rought iron details of Magical Morrocan Architecture

The geometrical cut ceramic mosaics made by local technique called Zellij are in most of  the buildings who are influenced by the Islamic and Andalusian design. They decorate  the floors, steps, walls,  columns, fountains, borders and help to add wide range of colors to the texture of  surrounding.

I m so tired at the end of the day taking long walks and shopping yet so happy to be part of the magical soul of the city

A detail of a wall at Ali Ben Yousef Mederese decorated by local tagguebbast technique. It is a decorative plaster treatment also called wet carved plaster widely used at the edge of windows and doors.

Another stunning sample of tagguebbast artwork on the ceiling of Mederese. Artists draws complex geometrical shapes or calligraphy on the wet surfaces of the wet plaster.

Perfect Sample of Ornamental Moroccan Architecture Style  of Ali Ben Youssef Mederese

 Painted gilded, inlaid woodwork ceilings, carved plasters, doors, sunburst zellijes, layered of geometry and artisan work in historical city of Marrakech makes the city so unique

  In addition to aesthetic architectural details, the play of the daylight and shadow turns all elements a festive to eye.

The Moroccan music is also mixed through the history by the blend of Arab, Berber and classical style. It is unique by the local complex cultural structure. Nothing like I have ever heard  anywhere else before.

This man is not only a water seller, but also a typical symbol of local figure coloring the Medina square. He is absolutely having fun with what he is doing

This former palace is owned by an American gentleman and now it is working as a Hotel in Medina. It is throughly carrying many nice details of Moroccan dwell

It is not common to find this kind of find large pools in small Riads in Medina.  They re generally small fountains

Morocco is one of the luckiest countries of Africa by its fertile soil. Fruit trees and beautiful gardens turns city an oasis.  The nature is so generous over there

Friendly, welcoming custom of Moroccan culture Mint Tea  serves in theatrical manner. It is sweet, handsome, warm and generous just like locals

Tasty Moroccan Cuisine we had in Le Foundouk Restaurant was divine by its taste as well as decorative and tasteful serving style

 Tajin Plates are indispensable decorative cooking and serving element of Moroccan table

A Pottery piece with elegant Calligraphic writing in an Antique Shop

  A scene from a an antique shop

Iron Lamps of Medina Souk

Friendly, nice people of Marrakech Souk. You can tell we had a good time shopping:)

The spirit of Africa has flown in our veins and took us into a medieval time in a magical culture. There are more to come and I m blessed that whole thing we experienced in this trip pick me a up into another level of understanding world culture so its style.

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  1. Dear Tijen,

    You have been one of our very first guests and it was a pleasure to host you at the Riad Capaldi; your enthusiasm and smile encouraged us to keep on going the extra mile.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog and for sharing Moroccan charms on the web !
    With my kindest regards,

    • Dear Diane:
      Thank you very much for your kind comments that u left to my blog. It is always an excitement to hear back from Riad Capaldi.
      You have a charmful Riad and staff, words are not enough what we lived and experienced in beautiful city of Marrakech!
      It is a pleasure for me to share what we have seen and learned in Morocco while aware that there re many more other things to discover.
      Looking forward to meet with you again in the future!
      Lots of love,

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful images. You made me feel the experience of being in Morocco. it is awesome. If you have any other interiors.. baths tubs, Jacuzzis in Morocco landscapes paintings please share. thanks again for the great experience shared.

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