12 Turkish Architects designed 12 Trump Tower İstanbul Apartments by Mudo Concept

Just a month ago, a creative project had come alive in Istanbul to raise money to help for the education of kids living on the streets.

The social project had organized by the Tog organization and sponsored by Mudo Concept, Trump Tower Istanbul and Maison Française magazine.

12 successful Turkish architects designed chic, theme apartments in Trump Tower Mecidiyeköy for 12 famous  people from Turkish community.  All of the celebrities have leading roles on their own area, in business and entertainment world therefore they are pretty well-known by their mediatic style in Turkey. Trump Tower had assigned their nice 12 metroplitan apartments to showcase this work. Each architect styled the  residence according to lifestyle  and image of each famous figure using furnitures and accessories from Mudo Concept.  Even though, some visitors had thought these apartments are owned by the famous people, it is  not the case. They were volunteers to use their names on this social project. The exhibition visited until December 7th. According to my knowledge the feedback was pretty good and many people have visited this nicely designed apartments and this way they also helped to this social project.  

Trump Tower Lobby

12 architects & 12 celebrities 

Acun Ilıcalı & Emrah Kutlar
Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ & Çağlayan Tuğal
Ayşe Arman & Mahmut Anlar
Caroline Koç & Gökhan Avcıoğlu
Hülya Avşar & Merve Benice Musluoğlu
İbrahim Kutluay & Şebnem Buhara
İzzet Çapa & Sandra Arslanoğulları
Oya Eczacıbaşı & Mustafa Toner
Rana Erkan Tabanca & Hakan Ezer
Siren Ertan Çarmıklı & Hakan Helvacıoğlu
Türkan Şoray & Emir Uras
Ümit Boyner & Cem Kocacıklıoğlu

View from Trump Tower

By this project, one of my favorite furniture store Mudo Concept had proved that they had a wide range of goods to design different style of apartments. Ethnic, exotic, chic, modern or classic it is possible to source all these materials from their store. But, the art materials, paintings, sculptures made by artists had raised the value of the decoration and turned spaces into alive and artistic space. I personally enjoyed to visit each residence designed by each creative. I always have fun using materials from Mudo since they have wide variety of goods according to each budget. It was again fun to view their goods. Here I m going to share with you some photos I have taken during mys visit.


One day, I also do hope to get a chance to design a sponsored residence by the full sponsorship of Mudo, it could be so fun to use any material I want without considering customer budget or  limitations. To be creative by Mudo is very possible as long as you are brave…


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