Exotic Design of Riads in old town of Marrakesh

I can’t tell you enough how happy I am for the coming trip to Marrakesh for the New Year holiday. Since last past one week I have diligently worked on pre-arrangements of our trip to Morocco.  I feel like I have discovered a whole new world out there.

This pretrip part  to foreign lands excites me as well as making the trip itself.  Over the years, I consider myself a traveler more than a tourist since I feel like  the citizen of the world. No borders and boundaries are drawn in my mind. There is only distances to cross and explore what is out there… I remember the day I wish I made to myself _almost ten years ago_   “I want to go to places which surprises me and help me to look at the world from a total different point of view”. Since than my wish came true and now I travel and make business with people from all around the world. Over the years, I found a way  to combine all the things excite me and make my job as part of it. Travel and design are the two things which I m passionate about.  And  for me Marrakesh is the place to be in for the meeting the Year of 2012.

While I was searching  for a nice, local, and exotic places to stay in Marrakesh, I realized  to get a sense of the country and culture,  the  place to accommodate should nowhere else than the  Riads.  I found out they are small palace like guest houses located in the heart of old town called Medina.  These traditional houses with no more than 6 to 8 rooms are great examples of exotic Moroccan Architecture. During the modernation period while most of the rich families move to modern cities like Rabat and Casablanca, they found new owners and have gone under major renovation and lovely decorations. I realize these houses are true treasures by its historical background and the way they turn to be a place to live in, freeing themselves from an average massive modernist touristic taste.

Here I will share with you some wonderful Riads which I found during my research at sites and absolutely fell in love by their exotic, unique interior designs.

Riad Capaldi

This is the Riad which we will be staying in our trip to Marrakesh.  As I heard from Diane who is in charge of the Riad the hotel is going through a major renovation and I m sure it is being even nicer now. So I m very excited to see it soon.

I m hopping to add my own photos which I ll take from my camera and make news in Designmixer along with some memories and further information about the Riad and its design….For the time being, I m including some  photos from their website to present.

The rooms are charmingly beautiful mixing modern bold black and white combination with exotic details

The natural used materials on the bathroom provides a n elegant SPA like space

Elegant and Contemporary

I heard Rooftop is in renovation I hope the new furniture arrives when we get there otherwise I ll take my pillows and lanterns and sit under the Sky! It is ok!

Peacock Pavillion

I must say reading the blog of My Marrakesh written by Maryam Montague is one of  a major reason I wanted to visit  Marrakesh so badly. She is an American lady living in Morocco and the owner of  lovely Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh. This was the first place I wanted to stay but unfortunately she had closed her Pavillion for her friends during the New Year holiday. So I m planning to make a visit to her lovely Pavillion one day and have some tea with mint and chat her.  As far as I follow her from her site she is very active and International person with great perspective so I m very much looking forward to meet her.  Here  are some photos of her hotel which I have used from her blog.


Exotic local details are nicely mix with a modern style by her elegant style in Peacock Pavillion 

Beautiful Moroccan Tiles lays in different design on each step of the stairs

Villa des Oranges

This Hotel was recommended by Maryam but there was no place available as most of the other places. I never imagined that it could be so hard to find accommodation at this time of the Year in Morocco. But it is definitely the case and The time of New Year Holiday is indeed a high season for Marrakesh. So make sure to make your reservations earlier if you want to go there at this time of the year.

The rooms with high ceilings are very elegant and exclusive

The Backyard reminds me Romantic Arabic Night Tales

Beautiful Stone carving and Ironwork

The colors are rich and spicy in Villa des Orangers

Ksbah Du Toubkal

At the beginning of my research, I was hoping to include country side to my trip. However, I realize it is not very realistic to do many things within 5 days. So I decided better to concentrate in Marrakesh for the time being.  Next time I would definitely love spend some time in Ksbah Du Toubhal in the skirts of Atlas Mountains which looks very excentric…

Foremost Mountain retreat situated at the foot of Jbel Toubkal

Excursion to Sahara Desert

Since I m so much hooked up by exploring Marrakesh Medina, excursion to desert needs to wait for my next trip. I want to spend few magical night under the starry sky of  wild Sahara desert. I prefered to sleep in my exotic Riad room instead of the tent in my first trip to Morocco.

Desert Excursion of Dara Zawad

Riad Farnatchi

This is another artistic and unusually designed Riad I found. Just beautiful by its whole look.

The colors and textures are picturesque

Large doors and high ceiling are the symbols of abundance of Moroccan Architecture.

Unusual interior details

Graceful decoration and art pieces are in hidden each and every detail of the Riad.

Riad Enija

I find this 280 year old palace charmingly wonderful and luxuries. It is possible to sense the philosophy of tranquility from its very nicely design website as well.

The visual power of symmetry in the Patio

Palace like interior scenes

Riad Kniza

Beautiful Natural Stone work and Tiles

Fountains are the focal points in the inner patios of Riads and nice casual place to rest on bright pillows after a tiring day

The rich traditional fabrics and soft materials are strong materials of Moroccan Riad Decoration

Most of  the Riads have tranquilly SPAs in their territory so Riad Kniza

Dar Les Ciagognes

This wonderful Riad is in the suggested list of Conde Nast Traveler

The small size of Riads provide excellent opportunity to have personal attention by the Hotel staff

Riad Fes

This is a Relaux & Chetaux rated Hotel. And I can tell you it is absolutely money worth if you go and stay in the Relaux & Chetaux Hotels. The best dining and service experience is waiting for you out there. And Riad Fes must be of it!!!

In this glorious Riad architectural details are enlightened elegantly at night by a dim, focused lighting providing a jewel like look to the building

It is a perfect  example of  Islamic Architecture

Backyards are one of the most important part of the Riad design

Riad Les Yeux Bleus


They are considered mostly extension of inner spaces to the outdoor

Roofs are nicely decorated for comfortable sunbathing experience for the guests

The hidden patios are a perfect nest for people to have a piece of mind. It is possible to find quirky design elements, furnitures everywhere.

Riad Cinnamon

This tasty Riad is absolutely so local and inspirational. The owners are English and I can see they have done a great project with owning this Riad. I also read on some articles about their involvement of   local charity projects which is great. This is absolutely going to be another Riad which I will visit when I go to make shopping in North part of the Souks. I also would like to visit their Hannah coffee which is Charity for education of Young public.  That will be the place I will have my Hannah done:)

The Buddha statues around the Riad mixes calm and tranquil Far Eastern Style with the rich Islamic Architecture

Riad Dar Darma

This is one of the Riad which I like the most. But again no surprise the rooms were fully booked. Even from the photos I can see there  is a strong charm in this Riad. The accessories are more like the once which I like to use on spaces I design, big and bold. Each and every object used are unique. I can see mix of styles and cultures in these lovely Riad. Even if I can not stay there at this time, I would definitely like to visit, take photos  and some tea in Dar Darma…

Perfect symmetry in the Patio provides calmness to the welcoming space

I loved this  refined North African Colonial Style

Antique Frames and dark ceiling gives a different perspective to the space

The mirror adds so much into space

I cant wait to have taste of great Moroccan cuisine. Maybe we should have dinner there! Yummy

 This is the room with the Mirror and I found it very inspiring!

Each pattern on decorative surface is very different from each other yet combined with a great taste level

Excentric spooky Moroccan Style so strong in black color

Great use of Space

Mix of African, French, islamic  and Morroccon Style. Just divine!

Even though, the main purpose of our trip is for the New Year Holiday and for pleasure, me and Baris are planning to build some sources and hoping to find great pieces for the Designmixer project and this trip to North Africa open doors to new opportunities. I can feel that I will come back with a great inspiration of Moroccon style, hoping to face with projects welcomes to these ideas. Looking forward to bring you some interesting views and news from Marrakesh soon! Happy New Year until than!

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  1. Can’t wait to read your post on your return !… I’m in love with the Moroccan style and still haven’t had the chance to visit. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time and loads of inspirations !…. Happy new year :))

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