Modern and eclectic mix style apartment in Istanbul / Palladium Residence Project

The Antique Chinese closet is the major  piece which helps to achieve the modern & eclectic mix intended

I have recently completed the Palladium Residence Project in Istanbul.  The brief of the customer was to design a modern, stylish, chic  metropolitan apartment easy to live in.  Neither overcrowded nor underdressed.  Since their earlier Villa project _which we also have designed_ was carrying  brownish, earthy tones, this time they required to add some bright colors along with the different color scheme to have different sense of space.

The main colors and textures of soft materials used in the project

The apartment  in overall is large, spacy by its high ceilings, filled by daylight during the day with large windows, overlooking to the city from the 23th  floor, it allows to place large furnitures and play with bold stripes to give a not standard look. Since Designmixer’ s  signature on its projects to come up with unusual solutions and add flavor to living areas by including objects and antiques from different parts of the world, my customer was expecting something different again.

These two pieces of Chinese vases were the first pieces I have purchased even before sourcing all the others. So I may call them as my inpirational pieces

Since I m pretty familiar with the expectations of  my customer  from the previous projects,  it was fun to work fluently selecting the furnitures and materials. On the other hand, I must admit it was a brave decision to cover the wall with a strong effect wallpaper:)

Eventhough, the room is well-connected by colors, it has two separate sitting areas functioning for different purposes. One is for TV sitting area, the other one is for socializing with friends

I wanted to use a unusual TV stand, therefore  placed the Home TV set on to a seating bench made out from raw iron and wood material. Two of the Buddha heads used to break the high-tech look of the TV and to add symmetry.

The grey mosaic like wallpaper frames the long mustard color 5mt long slick sofa from Birim and helps it to pop out.

The L shaped cozy and comphy seating group is from Dutch brand Leolux

Grey and yellow striped wall paper adds extra the perspective to  the room and gathers the seating TV area within its space.

The large self standing mirror on the wall adds extra light and elegance while reflecting the bold stripes from the walls

The amorp chrome and lacquered central table pieces from Designo helps to enhance the modern look of the living room by its sculptural unusual shape

The reflective surfaces on the accessories add shine and shimmer to the elegant space

The tall candle holders and the bright overdyed Turkish carpet balance the modern look of furnitures and wallpaper

Comfortable yellow and white single seat is from Leolux

The round marble table with walnut wood base is the production of our Atelier FormArt.

The Seat called Grand bazaar is bought  from Maybe Design. It is a strong colorful modernized eclectic piece. It enables to carry 500kg on top by the iron backing underneath its kilim.

The full fabric colored ghost chairs are from Birim

I just love this ink painting of the Chinese man which we bought from Modern Tarih

Octopus light with 7 lighting bulbs is  from Phare

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