I did not know sleeping in a cave could be so glamorous until I stay in Yunak Evleri / Cappadocia-Travel Style

Even though, our trip to Nevşehir started at a last-minute decision a little bit unplanned, we ended up staying at one of the most interesting and nicest Hotel in Cappadocia, Yunak Evleri. Once, we arrived to Ürgüp, we have realized everywhere was booked bz of the national holiday, but luckily we found an opening at this unforgettable Cave Hotel by the help of great staff. Even before committing to reserve our room, we were impressed by their willingness of providing info about the area and their professional/friendly approach. Oh I should not forget to write about the smell of the fresh cake which came right out of the oven when we ve arrived. The first think I asked was “if we stay at your hotel would give cake to us?” the answer was a cozy smile. As soon as we moved our luggage to our room we ve immediately served of this delicious freshly bakery cake , I still can’t forget the taste of it. Anyway, we spent the first night at Greek Mansion from the 19th century in the lower part of the Hotel and the rest of the 2 nights over the cliffs in gorgeous Cave rooms. It was one of the most unusual and unforgettable experience to stay up there. Even though the cave rooms were decorated by great elegance and by todays comfort and amenities, the real shape and space of the cave room was protected exactly as it was on 5th, 6th century. Being surrounded by the white creamy natural tuff walls and sleeping in this natural nest gave me a real sense of protection which must ve been coded to my genes centuries ago.

Each cave room is in a different level and has the panoramic view of the area. All the rooms are opening to a patio or balcony next to room so it provides to have outdoor privacy next to room for spending the relaxing part of the day looking at the gorgeous view of Urgup, followed by a cool shower in the white Turkish marble bath and sipping local wine with a nice soft jazz in the background was absolutely unforgettable after spending a physically tiring day. Also good opportunity to sit down and go through the hundreds of pictures which we ve taken during the day and to discuss about the day.

Since, the Hotel is right by the town center of Urgüp we ve also taken a walk from the Hotel to explore the residential part of town and astonished to see how nicely the beautiful Anatolian architecture was blended by the Ancient landscape of the area.

Every detail has something unique the way it looked, every object had a romantic beauty which I thought only could be possible in a fairy tale until I saw in Cappadocia. Now I understand why this weirdly shaped stone rocks are called fairy chimneys. To good to be true to unrealistic to be real, but everything was surprisingly real!

Most of the time, we were acting like hunters to catch the best view by our cameras to record each and everything not to forget it ever again. Craving to catch up the unusual beauty anywhere we see… I should not forget the sweet competition in between me and Barış about catching the best view and detail.

Going back to Hotel and its decoration, the Main building of the Yunak Evleri has used as relaxing lounge for Hotel guests and office for the workers. I absolutely felt in love once I ve entered through the old Gate _as u see on the above photo_ and stepped into stone room of the Mansion by the peaceful, quite and simply elegant look of Anatolian home. Especially, using the Antique Tombak Alem as an accent I thought was adding a strong sense of Ottoman style into this beautiful space. It was more like a home to me than a usual hotel… Sincere, cozy, relax and quiet more a gateway from the wild metropolitan life by its Anatolian style.

I was astonished by viewing the handicrafts and aged look of each door which were placed in between the volcanic stones. I have never seen any other place where the human craft of architectural elements were in so much harmony by the surrounded unspoilt earthy look…

Here, I wanted to share some of the old wooden doors which we have taken its photos. Believe me, there are much more in our files but impossible to fit them all into one post. These photos of the doors are only from the close neighbourhood next to the hotel….

It is not hard to feel the sincere elegance even the way the nail hooked on to the aged wooden door. Or am I being too romantic?? This land and everything in this land is absolutely magically touched…. Everything looks different to me.

Oh well, as seen on this photo some tiny details remind me the pictures are taken in today’s environment such as white electric cable plugged into the old iron cast lantern and the cars in the parking lot. But please give credit to my outfit style and its coloring:)

It was a tasteful festive to start the day with the nicest typical Turkish breakfast mixed by the local cheeses, olives, eggs, handmade jams and Turkish tea. I was still observing the surrounding while having my great breakfast and shoot this lovely flower arrangement right on my table. I found the way this single pink carnation placed into small İznik vase was simply elegant by its Ottoman style.

We ve concluded the first day of our trip in Ürgüp area by the famous fairy chimneys which I m standing in front. Those were very close to our Hotel. After that, we ve continued enjoying time at our lovely Hotel Yunak Evleri…

While architects, restorers, and the owners were working on designing the Hotel, the natural texture was not destroyed at all, it was protected in the best possible way sticking into original styling. I would even say more highlighted by the strong accents and decorative elements such as stone fireplaces, local Anatolian kilims, brass ottoman lambs and beds, antique side-table, wooden handcrafted wardrobes, wooden floors and small accessories.

For instance this Semazen doll which was placed on to the desk was a strong spiritual detail in our room. Symbolizing the peaceful Sufi philosophy by the way it was quietly and humbly standing there. I found it was truly complementing the heavenly spiritual atmosphere. Now the Sufi doll is taking place in my living room remind me the positive rewarding spiritual trip which I went through in Kapadokya. Few days later we went to see Semazens at Saruhan Kervansaray. Words are not enough to explain the feelings I go through while watching them.

I would suggest you to read the book called “Love” which is written by Elif Şafak to understand this ancient but very contemporary peaceful philosophy which is talking about the journey of life is about nourishing the highest human senses by love and peace. She really states this state of the mind behind of this philosophy with her magical words…

Here are some more views of our cave room. I m wearing silk Anatolian şalvar, my outfit makes me feel better blended by the surrounding. I was trying to be part of where I was as much as I could…

I could not go to sleep without my picture taken posing on this gorgeous antique brass bedstead. Who would say this was actually a cave? I never thought before, sleeping in a cave could be so glamorous until I stayed in Yunak Evleri

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