A Fairy Fashion Store by Umit Unal

A name identifies the person or the person identifies the name? Maybe his name has shaped who he is or he has shaped what Umit means. There is no other person that I know better than Umit Unal reflecting  own philosophy of  life by the given  name.  He absolutely lives his life by his soul.

A real Artist, designer, story-teller, motivator, dreamer and most of all doer. Thats what he is! He dreams about it, writes about it, illustrates it by putting collages together, hopes for it and at the end realizes it by so much success. I m so proud of him as he is being so brave to be out there in world arena as Turkish Fashion Designer by his sincere thoughts. He represent all the facts of being a creative person. He is not afraid of experimenting the new, but not the trendy new, his own reality don’t care about glamarous words or side effects. I know him from our school years at Fine Arts Academy, he was excited about doing things and working on new projects and God  he was soooo talented…. In different stages of life, now and than we came across each other and sometimes be part of the same project or just met on the fair abroad or chat on the road whatever or whenever he is the same person no change a bit in his personality for years. He is smooth, curious, sophisticated, yet vulnerable.

Ümit Ünal’ s Fashion Nest at Galata

After a long time of not seeing each other, I met him at his store in Galata.  And I can’t tell you enough how happy I was to find him again and talk with him in this hot laid back summer Sunday at Galata.  As always he has projects in mind so do I…. Not hard to guess we came up some new ideas. And we re both excited about it again as good old days… I realize he is afraid of the popular trends and vanishing his identity in the general crowd of todays trendy fashion life style. What can I say? He needs his own space to think and create and not being out there catching up the sales or whatever!!!

He desires to execute and share things he has been doing all this time rather than strictly approaching to teach. In a way exploring new ways to express himself in a new platform. I will be out there to be with him along this way as I have so much respect to his thoughts and I m madly excited. Today I will just keep it as surprise to you. Once the day come I will share with all of you what is it about…

Anyways, today let’s go back to his lovely store in Galata which is the extension of his dreams. It is not a store in usual set, again he made his own nest and just showed what he passionately liked, created and tailored mixed by his lovely objects.

When I tried the clothes I almost felt as if I  was lending the outfits from a friends wardrobe. I did not feel it was shopping at all!!! I love this feel and I adore what he does… There are many things to tell about him and his fairy store. But instead of  using more words, I will leave you by the photos which Barış has taken that day while I was busy being with my dear friend after a long time…. Here is fairy Fashion Design Store of my dear friend Umit…

The Store takes its name from the gourgeous Antique Doors inside
The store set is a good example of contemporary style mixed by Vintage objects

Me being very happy to have good time to sit down and talk to him again. We ve many thing to catch up about our lives after all
The Mens Collection
The Freedom of Expression by the White peagent
Hazy shades of the black & white outfits. Umit’ s dreams…
I adore these white shirts!
One of a fairy object set in the Store
His fantastic drawings are splited around the store. The eyes are closed the figure is probably dreaming as Umit does
The window set
The fairy Set of Doors’ window
Vintage Galata Store is so Unique
Artistik kapı!
Talking or Shopping?
Beautiful Wood Floor
Vintage Stairs
The dolls are representing the figures of Unit Unal’s dreams watching the daily visitors of the Doors Store
I want to but everything from the Store:)

Hidden Details are all around the Store
I bought this pant!
The yellow pant is glowing in between the Black & White set
The street of Doors Fashion Store at Galata, Istanbul

Please dont forget to go Doors Fashion Store, it is absolutely a heaven to be surronded by Umit Unal’ s world for open minded experimantal minds!

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