Splendid beauty of Tuscany


Tuscany is one of the most inspiring region I have visited in Italy. The whole area is splendid by its  gorgeous landscapes, high culture, history, art, friendly people, wineries and fine taste of dinning. Even though,one can only understand the real difference by absorbing the fresh country air into lungs, I will still try to share this sensuous trip by some of the visuals we have taken during the trip.

I ve tried to captured different views by the camera of the picturesque landscape of Tuscany.  However, most of the time I prefered to imprint them to my memory rather than running after the camera to tell you the truth.

 When we reached to town of San Gimignano, I could not believe my eyes how well this big antique city was protected till today.

It was Sinem’ s idea to make San Gimignano the first stop of Tuscan town. We were very lucky to have my niece with us a wonderful local guide as she has been in this area for  a long time. Spending the day and night at the medieval city of  San Gimignano was absolutely the right decision.

While walking through the stone streets, art galleries and pottery stores were following one after another one. Honestly, I was not expecting such blend of history and todays modernism in this level.

We have enjoyed our first day at Tuscany shopping, visiting art galleries, drinking red wine, eating cheese,  prosciutto, braseolla and discovering the spaces knocking doors.

 I found myself in the middle of the history and traveled back in time the year of 1500s in this city and wanted to check the behind of each door.

From the Etruscans to the Romans to the Renaissance, Tuscany was possibly the greatest repository of art in the world, from extraordinary paintings and sculpture to frescoes and architectural masterpieces. It is such an exceptional feeling to see them in their hometown in actual surrounding.

We have spent the night in one of the most typical hotel in the town. Sleeping between the walls of our Hotel from the 16th century was another spooky great experience.

It was very common to come across by beautifully crafted  wrought iron lighting fixtures hanged on the stone ceilings. They were overwhelming by the large size and elegant, dramatic warm lights.

Each object presented in the stores or  interiors is complementing the overall elements of the architecture and natural landscape.

Since large spaces, court yards and high ceilings are allowing the grand scale design objects, it is not hard to find this arts & crafts in the local shops.

The next day we have continued our trip visiting small villages, towns and wineries. We were lucky to have a sunny and warm Spring  weather during the day of discovery.

We stopped by in every other picturesque place, walked and danced like kids, experienced excitement in each minute by our body and soul. Here is the picture of one of the most nicest Tuscan House in Chianti area.

Especially, the local Tuscan houses  were inherited through the history from families to families. They become the symbol of the family wealth. Those are hidden gems in between the lush green gardens. Some are being rented seasonally, some of them are still home to residents who are into agriculture and/or farming. In this generous soil, it is almost impossible not to produce anything.

We have learned and viewed the beauty of architecture Tuscan style comes from the typical custom crafted natural stone. Including limestone, travertine and marble. Terracotta floor and roof tiles are often used to give the antique feel.   Also mostly amazing mosaic art for flooring are used with the use of mixed materials like glass, stone, and tiles.  They can also be terrazo floors from polished Marble Chips, stucco and crushed stone. All complimenting the artistic view of the Tuscany.

I set under the shades of the tree and wished to myself that I can own a Tuscan house and garden like this one day.

I desired all the process of designing my Tuscon home by the local beautiful furnitures, objects and antiques in this nice garden looking at the abundant view!

This lands have been nourished not only by the earthy prosperity, but also by the artistic talents of creativity and intelligence.  The times of Italian Renaissance many important artists, philosophers and scientist such as Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli and many others were born, lived and created their masterpieces in this area. The energy and the beauty of the Tuscany environment had been a natural source of inspiration through  the ages for many famous Italian creators. It is certain many others will continue to breed art, science and culture through future generations.

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