Anafi the Greek Island of Apollo

I m having a little hard time to decide, where should I start, what part of my summer story  should ve priority? I seriously had a very busy summer by traveling _not to complain of course…. I had ended up by packs of photos on my files and stories which I took note carefully and enjoyed every little part of it. . I will start from my last trip which was to lovely Greek Islands and since I have many good stories and photos I will post them seperately.

I must admit the trip to Greek Islands was one of my most unusual summer Journey…I realize overall dominant color of the photos are blue and white and the feelings scratched to memory were all mixed of high admiration, love, stunning beauty and extreme, terrfying shocks towards wild nature…

First, I ll start with a very traditional Cyclades Greek Island called Anafi.  When we reached to Anafi on the way to Santorini the first building we came across was the white chapel on the very top of the rocky wall. The clouds were covering the part of the cliff, therefore it was very hard to catch the picture also the cliff was 426mt. Even though the white chapel looked so tiny, blue sky and bright noon sunlight was framing the white structure so powerfully, the moving white clouds made the whole look heavenly beautiful.

The hard weather conditions we came across proofed the open water can cause a serious danger and the beauty of the quite blue water may actually turn itself into a wild, crazy upset gray, navy monster… I kept thinking more about the sailors who made life from all of it and their uncertain future. It might be reason why all these tiny forgetten islands do have chapels in impossible geographies…. A hideaway to pray and gateaway from daily scary rootes….

Heavenly beautiful rocky Greek Island Amafi

The day when we sailed to Anafi was actually one of the most quite day of the sea after 3 hours sailing  in comparison to the rest of the trip. The wind was  light when we reached to the Island. But I shall not forget the strong waves and the storm which made us change our route from going to Amargos I happened to fell on to the floor few times in the boat and almost sleep sway to water. My crazy brother Doganay never gave up from what he decided. When we faced to storm,  instead of going back he immediately changed the route to Santorini skipping few islands but making a short cut, taking the waves from  the back of the boat making it more speedy by the strength of the waves.

My brother and Cengiz stunned by the mysterious beauty of the Island

According to mythology the island was created by God Apollo,  it is believed that he was worshipped here. It is possible to view the traces of this myth by just looking at the secret view of the rocky hills….

It is a very typical small Greek Island

The island has unspoilt gorgeous sandy beaches where most of the residents enjoy the day. I also can not stop thinking that there are always other part of the stories. Looking at all these beauty in a nice summer day is so nice. But what about a hard, lonely  winter??? The weather  and overall  living conditions might not be that easy as it looks on this rocky island… But anyways I will continue my story with our journey;  We skipped İos and Naxos on the on the way and sailed directly to Anafi. What a stunning beauty!!! what a great decision it was to see this island. I told myself in spite of all the struggle was paid off. It was an absolutely great destination. None of the cruises would go there as it is not a touristic Island rather a place for Greek residents who happily leaves in. It is so clear the island preserves its original lifestyle and very inspiring to see there are still places in the world unspoilt by the massive touristic crowd.

We took the public bus to reach to center of the Island which was on the very top. Cengiz is taking photos on the way.

The bus riding was one of the most interesting experience. We all felt like we were in an European Mediterranean festival movie. I have never seen in my life such a happy and social public bus driver. He almost horned and said hi to everybody on the way calling their name. Every person who was getting into his bus was known by him. Since I dont know Greek I could not understand what exactly he was telling to his neighborhood friends but I can understand he had good sense of humor. Everybody was cracking up by his jokes. Ohh I sould not forget the rock and roll and other fun songs he played on the way… We and everybody literally danced on the bus…. I thought that must be the real happiness. Even the world sank, the economy sucks, life continues and maybe by lower or no expectations at all people can live the happiest. We as being metropolitans can only admire this true honesty of the good quality of life in this lonely island…

The view fr the top our boat is all the way down on the harbor
As soon as we got out from the bus we found ourselves on the little streets of Anafi
It was the time for Siesta where most of the people were sleeping we kept on walking and discovering the residential area
There are some village characters coming out from the hidden streets rarely
The streets were quite, all the blue shutters and doors were closed to Siesta
It is possible to see chapels in every other road. The holistic and real life is hand by hand in Greece

Windmill, chapel, blue shutters, white houses, blue sky and water, the stunning view all in this photo
The Stairs are linking the buildings in a usual way only the blue gates are separating them. The gates are so welcoming and sympatic same as Greek people
Can you believe how cute this little balcony is???
The decorative objects are so much in harmony by the nature of Greece by their Blue and white colors

Simply blue painted stones are the decorative objects of traditional Greek house
Simply beautiful

It is possible to see the decoative elements from the Sea everywhere

Donkeys are the real friends and great helpers of the residents as they carry a lot of stuff on their back. I always like them and I see the most beautiful donkeys in Greece..
The bright colors of the chairs and tables are cheering us up
I thought all potteries must be blue after seeing them so gracefully standing on the balconies

Cactus is one of the most usual plant which is decorating the front doors of the houses.
The buildings and everything surrounded is so simple but elegant by the beauty of blue and white
Another friendly residents of Greek Islands

Blue Houses
Baris is waiting for the public bus in front of a house
One of a beautiful Greek Orthodox Chapel of the island

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