Mix of Artistic Hellenic Antiques and Archeological treasures in Dodecanese Islands

The Island of Astypalea was one of the most interesting sight of our trip to Greek Islands. As soon as getting closer to the main harbor, the first thing striked to my eye was the Querini Castle which was on the hill overlooking the village.  When we discovered the island we found out there are two small churches inside the castle, located between the  carved stones and the scattered columns: the church of Agios Georgios and the  Annunciation of Virgin Mary. The church of Agios Georgios is located at the  arched entrance of the castle and was built-in 1790. The church of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary is also known as Panagia of the Castle and is one of the most beautiful churches of the Dodecanese. Based on all the historical sites and the small Archeological museum welcoming the visitors right by the harbor prooves that we ve landed to a historically reached island which was a home for many civilizations through the ages. I appraise the human mind  who always able to locate the most beautiful spots and fertile places in the world to live in. Astypalea is a good sample  of an intelligent mind like that which was home for many civilizations through the ages.

As soon as I got out from the boat I could not believe my eyes seeing the graceful angel sculpture in front of a big antique shop. This was almost symbolising my feelings of being grateful to anchor a treasury island in the middle of Aegean Sea. Castle and Antique shops were the first signs that we were on  the right spot!

Since it was afternoon when we arrived _the Siesta time for residents_ we had to wait until 6:00 pm for Antique store to open. In the meantime, we had  sneaked peek the store by the window and checking out all visible antique objects from our standing point. I could hardy wait to see the store gets opened.

So right after having a nice Greek lunch, swimming and having some Greek coffee and resting in the nice breezy coffee on the hill, me and Figen ran into the beautiful Antique shop.

I was very much surprised to see all kind of very nice elegantly selected items in this store. There were all kinds of sophisticated materials, design and decorative antique objects representing Greek lifestyle.

I adored the nice green glazed pottery in the store. Maybe it was my most favorite of all!

The owner of the Antique store Kostas _very colorful and interesting personality_ I could tell easily that he was in love with  his job. I enjoyed very much to listen  his career stories being an antique dealer. Right after he moved back from Paris to Greece, he has established his antique store in Astypalea on 1978 . He mentioned he lives  just upstairs and very convenient since he keeps his store open late at night. He also said he travels all around the world and the Greece to collect antique items. I was also not hiding my enthusiasm of viewing his  nice selection of antique collections. So he got all excited about it as well and told me that since I m Turkish he has the best Uzo in his store and I should taste it while chatting about antiques, his store and future trip he has planned to make to Istanbul very soon. I gave him the addresses of best antique spots in Istanbul for shopping and I also mentioned about my blog and promised I would write about him. I m very glad to meet with this friendly nice Greek Antique dealer who was very welcoming to his Island and aboslutely love Turkish people…. So here some of the photos fr his store…

I bought this lovely antique shirt approx. 100 years old from the store… Needs some repair though:)

This item is from another store in Astypalea. This is the helmet of  sponge diver from the island. An antique piece. Barıs has found this helmet at the store

and told me that the owner of the store was not even willing to share the price with him as he has only suggested very expensive!

Antique Compass is showcased next to a modern painting at a nice fashion store in Astiperia!
Archaeological Museum of Astypalea

 The Archaeological Museum hosts items dates from the Prehistoric and the
Medieval times, including ancient jewelry, stone tools, funeral offerings,
ceramic pottery and other pieces. There were also photographs of the island’s
caves, Negros and Drakos.

Even though it was a pretty tiny museum was possible to see the archeological heritage fr Neolithic period (3000B.C.), period of copper(3000B.C.-1100B.C.), geometric period(1100B.C.-700B.C.), Archaic Period(700B.C.-500B.C.), classical period(500B.C.-323B.C) and Hellenistic period..

I realize many details on artifacts and architectural elements are symbolizing the same culture as the archeological finds by the ancient cities in Turkish coast.

Especially, the Corinth columns which are the major symbols of the Hellenic architectural style. I will share with the same columns which were found on İasos on my coming posts. Many details such as mosaic patterns, wall reliefs, decorations, sculptures and potteries are same showing how extensive the Hellenistic culture was…

On the way back to Bodrum, we stopped by Kos and again you can see the same typical Corinthian columns excavated from the İsland.

The Marble wall motives at the backyard of the Mosque from Ottoman items in Kos

It is very inspiring to see Hellenistic Corinth columns carrying the roof of the Ottoman style fountain decorated by the cypress motives  in the backyard of the historical Kos Mosque. This is what I call as mix of cultures and styles!!!

Here are more samples of Greek and Ottoman mix!!!

There are marks of Ottoman  architecture especially in Kos Island. Some fountains, few beautiful mosques have survived through the years. The architecture of Kos representing the true mix of cultures by standing out elements of  historical style….

Window detail of Gazi Hassan pasha mosque which was built in 18th century by Ottoman Empire.

Corinth style column surrounded by Hippocrates tree in the backyard of the Gazi Hassan Pasa Cami in Kos. Place of Mix of civilazitions.

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