Design Bloggers Meeting by Designmixer / Istanbul Design Week 2011

Now, it is time for the Design Bloggers to get to together at Istanbul Design Week. No doubt, there is alot to talk about and many creative people to meet with.  After being in the cyberspace for quite a long time, comments and idea exchanges will   finally be  made face to face.

Blogging is a process and opportunities are endless whatever your specialty is. It is a free platform but needs a certain discipline. We believe if you are doing what you are passionate about the discipline will be called as part of  your life…

We all spend our valuable time on internet cause we all enjoy developing, learning and sharing. Some of us are more verbal, some of us are more visual. But, we all do have something special within us eager to exceed our capabilities and to be heard.

If you are an active blogger, I assume  you have stories about how blogging had actually changed your life? Or if  you are not one yet but wondering how to become, you can attend to this meeting  as well and meet passionate people who is already on this road and what blogging is already adding to their lives and professions… Also get an opportunity to know how traditional media and bloggers may cooperate further….

This event is open to all design bloggers from all over the world. Istanbul Design Week is the perfect time to discover essence of creative, multicultural side of historical yet modern metropolitan city of the world. There will be series of  design activities, exhibitions, conferences and booths at the old historical Galata Koprusu as well in between 28th of September and 2nd of October.  Design Bloggers Meeting will be the last event and following the meeting we will all be able socializing!!!

We believe this event will establish a new, fun, creative and global cyber community.

Lets have your ideas, create stronger links  and community to be heard better! Visiting our Designmixer facebook pageyou can add your name as participant. Please also advise your blog name and link addresses so we can follow you…

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  2. Crossing a bridge is an act of transition – it helps us reach and connect distant shores or cross troubled waters. All through the evolution of mankind, bridges have connected people and their rituals, behaviors, languages, and life styles. So, in this sense, I am grateful and pleased to be able to participate and interact with the people joining and visiting Istanbul’s Design Week 2011. Simply because this will be THE place to exchange experiences, cultural values, different lifestyles & design. I am also looking forward to taking part in the first Design Bloggers Meeting at Eski Galata bridge – It will be great for me to see you all there this coming Sunday at 4 pm.

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