For me Cukurcuma is a place to be in to have design state of mind

Whenever I need some inspiration or kick  my left side of the brain, I find myself roaming in the streets of Çukurcuma. Not only the great antique and vintage finds sitting and waiting to be picked up excites me, but also the character of the people who welcomes visitors to the stores astonishes me by their unique way of  caring their products and objects. From the most affordable to highly expensive product category one common sense is caring and loving of what they have.  Telling stories about the objects like “which century they belong to, what are the type of materials used in it, workmanship, the house where the piece was found, the story of the owner, the talents of the creator, background of the artist” are all part of Cukurcuma retail world. Many many different stories but always interesting and makes u even more curious at the end… I feel like each and every other object or the store can have its own tale that s how much I m filling myself  backed up by composed of  memories. That must be the reason why I love vintage shopping.  I feel it is more of a research and digging out a memory and stimulation of  finding a great object. Thats kind of gamble in a way, if you are lucky that day you end up by great findings if not oh well…. It is absolutely very different from shopping in a regular store set up and more sophisticated. It is a mystery where these objects and furnitures coming from and the life they went through.

I realize the designers who has located their showrooms or stores in Çukurcuma, they do have a unique taste of style and even they create something brand-new, it still seems there is a history and story behind. Many good ideas, many good objects every single day is being collected to the stores or leaving their places to the other once and it is my addiction to be part of it to be in design state of mind.

cukurcuma old buildings

Fantastic atmosphere of Cukurcuma streets framed by old buildings

Fun vintage shop name Pied de poule run by young Designer couple.

I loved this vintage table by assembled legs at Piedde poule

It is common to see these type of old luggages in Cukurcuma which carry histories by all these years

Elegant findings of Ayşe Orberk is sold at her multi level store.

orange vintage coachLovely orange vintage coach from sixties

Classic beauty which sits at Ayşe Orberk’s store for awhile

Great Turkish painting symbolizes abundance by pomegranate fruit

I loved the turquoise door from Anatolia casually beautiful

The colors, patterns and textures of materials in this frame is inspiring

old anatolian gateOrnaments of  an old Anatolian Gate

These side tables are designed by Hall İstanbul, adorable pieces

The way Hall mixes the design objects from different backgrounds in their room set ups are gorgeous

Contemporary painting in antique shop adds a fresh flavor to the whole decor

It is possible to find beautiful doors like this in Cukurcuma

An Art Deco gate at Cukurcuma Street

I can’t think of a balanced decor without the suddle look of  Buddha image. Modern Tarih brings history along by great objects from Far East to old town of Istanbul

I m standing at the playful store of Modern Tarih

cukurcuma vintage shopAn old vintage shop ran by a lovely Textile Designer lady. We have found out that we ve graduated from the same Academy. We spent a good time chatting about the teachers and friends in common while looking at thousands of interesting vintage cloths, bags, shoes and hats.

cukurcuma vintage shop

cukurcuma vintage shopThe owner of the vintage shop supplies props and cloths to movie industry for long time by her collected items.

Here is a store filled by greatly selected unique objects. I realize the owner Dogan Çakıt has a very good taste and knowledge of Antique furniture.

The goods at the store has French & Ottoman mixed style sense

An old painting of an Ottoman

Hakan Ezer famous Turkish interior Designer Cukurcuma showcasing  his elegance furniture and design objects by his sophisticated style in his store. He is a designer lives and works in Cukurcuma.

Sevinç Altan’ s painting at Hakan Ezer’ s store

Tables are sandblasted marble mozaic designed by Hakan Ezer. Absolutely divine…

Elegantly mixed objects

A very elegant Cukurcuma antique store designed by  feminine touch of the owner Aslı Gunsiray.

antique iron lampGreat antique iron lamp

detail of brass craftmanshipA sample of a detailed brass craftmanship

anatolian ceiling ornamentGorgeous ceiling Ornament from Anatolia

Me, visiting the carpenter shop on the street browsing what they produce these days…

old man and old furnituresAn old man, Cukurcuma resident is sitting in between old furnitures next to vintage ceramic doll.

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