Exciting scenes from Milan Design Week 2011 at Tortona, Industrial Zone of Milan

We left the most fun part of the Milan Design week to the end, Tortona! Even though, Salone del Mobile is a professional organization at Fiero Milano and filled by great companies, products, it is still in a trade fair ground. It is very  possible to get exhausted to run between the companies without any break of fresh air and day light for visitors in a huge fairground. I always found more interesting to show the creative works and designs in large and private spaces as in industrial zones where the energy of production flows upon the air. Considering our Project Designmixer showroom in Maslak OtoSanayi in the industrial zone of  İstanbul, I felt the placement and concept more close to me in that sense… Anyways, we met many good designers and companies to find out what they are up to and what is their projects about as much as possible. It is amazingly impressive there are so many creative and productive people in the world constantly working on developing new ideas and trying to evolve design. It is absolutely a passion and perfectionism which drives the wheels. And I saw the designers who made the Design week this year has the energy and the professionalism to create that. I realize most of the prototypes were greatly done and waiting for real production orders. I m hoping the entrepreneurs, design companies and designers will not be disappointed by the result in terms of  business which they will be getting this year.

It is not easy to choose photos in between many which we have taken but here I will share with you some exciting work and industrial loft scenes, showrooms and street views from Tortona and I hope you like them as much as I do!

tijen in tortona




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