Do you now why Galata is so interesting for designers from all around the world?

Even though, every other creative has its own perspective and approach to execute a work, there is one common point in between them all, that is endless crave for inspiration. The brain constantly desires to be nourished.  As soon as it has exposed by the exciting images and materials it starts working like sponge and sucks all the info, images, visuals and starts linking the recent views with the cache.  The new exciting downloads ignates the spark, thats where the design process starts. This is one of the reason why I strongly believe the idea of Design is a process rather than a result, nevertheless a voyage of what has been observed and experienced.

Oh well, this is a whole different topic to discuss about. The reason why I gave this title to my post is; Galata is a place for great inspiration for creatives as well as being home of many local designers. It is one of the most attractive neighborhood of İstanbul by its historical identity and contemporary bohemian chic style.  Beyoğlu is a district where today and past juxtaposes, local and international meets. Fascinates visitors everyday by its surprising identity.  What else could be more exciting and nourishing for a curious mind?

Tramvay is a classic and most fun vehicle of istiklal caddesi district which colors daily modern life of İstanbul by its historical iconic look

Especially, the center of Galata and Serdar-ı Ekrem sokak are hosting many exciting designer stores and showcasing the most recent works of young and globally known talents. To keep in mind, it is also a great opportunity for designers all around the world to see what is happening in Turkish design life this days and maybe even possible to  exchange ideas with the creatives at the site. I must say the galleries and the fashion stores in Galata is very mediatic by hosting events and exhibitions during all around the year. And it is one of the hottest spots of İstanbul for get to gather parties.

The printed guide Galatamap is listing 28 fashion stores, 8 hip food courts and 8 wonderful creative little shops selling design & objects. It is possible to find very famous fashion designers like Umit Unal, Bahar Korçan, Arzu Kaprol, Simay Bülbül  in Galata as well as  other young designers stores. Every one of them is reflecting dynamic Istanbul design world by its unique style. It is a very friendly and young environment welcomes visitors who ll appreciate the tasteful & stylish metropolitan shopping hub of  Turkey.

This is how Galata tower looks like from very near
New Galleries showcasing young artists take place in between the streets of Beyoğlu.
Milk Gallery is one of the most exciting gallery which specifically supports young Artists
Exhibition at Mik Gallery
Many old buildings are being restorated and used as residences very popular today
Street view from Galata
Serdar-ı Ekrem is one of the most exciting street by fashion stores
An Antique Furniture Store at Serdar-ı Ekrem Street

Famous Doğan Apartmanı is one of the oldest multilevel building in İstanbul built on 1894 great by its location at Galata and incredible Bosphorus view
Eventhough many of the buildings have been renovated and being used as residences or offices there are still some gems left waiting to bring back to life again

Besides fashion stores there are great  jewelery and object stores functions as workshop at the same time. One of them which I really enjoyed to visit is Sır Çini. Sadullah Çekmece  is creating the most amazing potteries made by çini technique at his atelier which is in the store and sharing his projects by the visitors.

Sır Çini
The bright red is adorable

Sır Çini

Sır Çini is also working on special projects by Architects and Designers creating artworks based on certain inquries
Kaftan Lamp

Sır Çini

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