MANDALA Wallpapers

Time for meditation – with your own walls! Create your own artpiece with the Mandala wallpaper; use creative color combinations to have fun with your kids, while also easing your mind. Especially made for waterbased paints, the Mandala wallpapers can be wiped and re-colored after every use. Custom designed wall murals designed by designmixer. Digital […]

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Designmixer at home

Turkish Interior Design magazine Marie Claire Maison was at Tijen Samuray Oztek’ s home in March issue. Designmixer’ s Eclectic & Colonial living style is being reflected to the whole interiors and walls… Marie Claire Maison Mart Sayısında Tijen Samuray Öztek’ in evindeydi. Designmixer’ ın Eklektik ve Koloniyal yaşam tarzı, mekanın tümüne ve duvarlara yansıyor. […]

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Do you now why Galata is so interesting for designers from all around the world?

Even though, every other creative has its own perspective and approach to execute a work, there is one common point in between them all, that is endless crave for inspiration. The brain constantly desires to be nourished.  As soon as it has exposed by the exciting images and materials it starts working like sponge and sucks all the info, images, visuals and starts linking the […]

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