Kirra Jamison’ s cheerful artistic house in Melbourne


Kirra Jamison' s home

Today, we are visiting the two-story warehouse-style home of Melbourne-based artist, Kirra Jamison. The house is  reflecting the colorful, warm, simple and easy-going Australian style. In this exciting creative home; furniture and art come together with most stylish taste. In a way,  I could say the interior decor of the home is an extension of Kirra Jamison‘ s artwork with its bold, fresh colors and geometrical forms and with old used elements.  The house is also full of surprising details such as swing in the dining area which adds a playful touch to open living area.

Artistic carpet

The open living style of Kirra Jamison‘ s house is truly welcoming, eclectic and cheerful. The sweet little french dogy looks awesome on the great carpet where he stands and poses..

An artist' s studio

The red barn door, the pink retro modern style dining chairs, Ben Quilty’s skulls paintings hang on the wall…

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One thought on “Kirra Jamison’ s cheerful artistic house in Melbourne

  1. Incredible home, absolutely love the style and eclectic nature. So me! Thanks for sharing. I want Kirra’s house! hehe Jess x

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