in-di-go culture

Far eastern style and indigo colors

This weekend, I visited the exhibition called “Japanese wind at the Ottoman palace”  at the National Palaces Museum in Istanbul.  The story of the Japanese culture and influence on Ottoman empire by the late 19th century was quite interesting, and there I wished I could travel in time machine, witness all the relations build up  at that time and saw how these beautiful decorative materials placed in the Palace.  While I m impressed by all the antique objects, art and furnitures which are part of the treasure today, I get even more inspired using indigo color with Japanese eclectic style. So, todays designmixer’ s  mood board is its outcome…

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  1. Oh, how much I love these images. I wish I had visited this exhibition too. I have a soft spot for Japanese culture and absorb everything visual I can get. Thank you for sharing, Tijen!

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