The living style project of Jiadang (Family Stuff) by Huang Qingjun


Home is a secrecy and most private hideaway no matter what the social or economic status is. While we read and write about the aesthetics and beauty of good living style sometimes we may  get blind what is happening around ordinary living styles. When I came a cross with the photography project of Beijing based Artist Huang Qingjun who concentrate on picturing  living conditions of humble families in remote parts of China I got stoned by the naked truth of each individual family. I thought this could actually become a huge project around the world. The artist travel around the China since last 10 years and find families who would pose for them. He shares his experiences with his below words

“Most people thought what I was proposing was not normal. When I explained I wanted to set up a photo, that it would involve taking everything out of their house and setting it up outside, that took quite a lot of explaining. But almost all of them… understood the point. They’re not like people from the city, who have so much stuff that if you asked them to do it they’d reply it was too much effort.”

Than I thought what would take a wealthy family to give pose like that for an artist project like this?  I think the acceptance would come only if the work is published on a fancy art & design magazine and if it looks cool enough to be there by  their worldly possessions confirming their style.


I am kind of heart-broken when I imagine these families carrying their personal stuff out to share all their possessions by world.


This is naked truth. A woman with 2 kids posing to the camera with all they have…


One common household in all the photos which is exists is the TV  which  proves desire to be connected to the world


No matter what the house is like the households are quite similar



The industrial scene on the background is quite cynical. It is told by the authorities the industry upgrades the living conditions of people. Do you think it is true??? Or which people exactly they are talking about?


This families house has just come down to the ground and they are forced to move by their belongings.

This is of course is not only happening in China similar things are happening all around the world. I think sometimes we all need to stop observe and the about the reality. Living style is not only about the fancy and stylish but also about the conditions real people face to…

images via 798 Photo Gallery

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