A fantastic SPA Hotel


spa and carpet Spa

Muna Home’ s today pick for great interiors is a wonderful Spa Hotel in Portuguese called Areis do Seixo, a 35 min. drive from Lisbon. We are amazed by the outstanding attention paid into every single detail of the Hotel.  It is clear the  interior design of the sanctuary purposes not only to comfort the guests but also dazzle their eyes to show how far a design hotel can go beyond the borders. The original style of the hotel combines all exciting elements of contrast in its interior within a great harmony. Sumptuous stands out on comforting simple neutral materials, vibrant and & soothing colors completes each other providing a full design sensibility. Brightly patterned soft furnishings like rugs & cushions brightens up the space and induces a profound sense of well-being. Even it the SPA spaces which is quite unusual…

Moroccan style Spa and charming hotelMoroccan style hallway to Spa and giant iron lamp just behind of the gate prove the space is surprisingly…

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