Some visual tricks to be creative while decorating your home

surprising interiors

surprising interiors

There is something very interesting in this Scandinavian house which goes beyond the ordinary. It is the playful decoration style of the room. Optical illusion which  enhances the visual sense to observe things in a different way really works in this living room. Playing by the scale of the armchairs in front of the fireplace  gives a larger  impression to the room in overall than its actual size. This set up  creates an unconventional relation between the other furnitures as well.

creative mix in the kitchen design

 The little chair in front of the sink gives the same impression in this kitchen

a creative kids room

 A small kids bed designed as if it’s a huge piece also makes the furniture seems much larger than its real size

creative bathrooms

I would say if you would like to be surprising; to play by the scale of the furniture could be a fun way  to be creative  at home.

But, you may also like to go further and be more experimental. Such as using industrial tools for the functional purposes, playing by the layout of the rooms and placing an unexpected furniture into some unexpected place. After all the creativity begins when you are courageous enough to go beyond the borders. And I think that is exactly where the fun starts. Don’ t you agree?

images via skonahem

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