White Bodrum Houses

House wrapped up with begonvilles

Bodrum Houses

Traditional Bodrum architecture has distinctive features and I see a great resemblance to Cycladic Architecture in Greek islands by its white walls and natural easy regional building style. The houses I will share with you in this post are typical traditional white painted Aegean Bodrum houses. As you will see most of them have a single or double floor and  have flat roofs. They have shutters to be protected from heat of the sun & its strong light. These houses are decorated considering the outdoor living style and they do have large patios or balconies around them.

The local population of Bodrum is in high increase since last 10 years, but still most of the houses are accommodated only in the summer by the temporary people moves from metropolitan cities of Turkey. Bodrum is  one of the most favorite holiday destination of Turkey  by its location.  The regional advantages offer wonderful holiday opportunities for city people who love to put their energy back by holiday spirit of  the region. Swimming and sunbathing, having great food, breathing fresh air, sailing or just relaxing under the sun is a usual living style for a Bodrum traveller or resident.  Therefore, there is great number of  summer houses which are secluded in winter and gets back into life in summer in Bodrum. Most of the houses you see in the photos which I captured here are summer houses and they have life in summer approx. 3-4 months in a year only. Because of that, their interior and outdoor decor concepts have been designed according to hot Aegean season…

Bodrum House & begonvilles

Bodrum begonvilles and summer houses

Bodrum Summer Houses

Bodrum Summer House

summer house balcony

Bodrum summer houses

flowers and plants in Bodrum

Summer Houses and bay views

Besides its architectural beauty  most of the Bodrum houses are extremely lucky to have the breathtaking views of  local bays. The sunset, sunrise & moonrise many times are celebrated by festival like events. I realize many times, people are first talking about the views while they are describing about the features of their houses. They  also proudly  talks about their gorgeous fuchsia begonvilles wrapping around their nests.

Bodrum outdoor living style


Begonville and the view

Bodrum Summer House with tree in front

When I was selecting the photos, I realized how much photo I have taken and for me  it was very hard to decide which one to publish. Eventhough, it is almost unrealistic to have that much of  lush begonvilles around one single house,  you probably have a hard time to believe but it is  real and so common in Bodrum. In every other step you can find a gorgeous house decorated by the wild flowers…

Bodrum bay view

Cactus & sea

Bay View, Yalıçiftlik mevkii

Bodrum Summer House

Typcial traditional summer house in Aktur

White Bodrum house with blue painted door

Bodrum Summer House

Bodrum Summer Houses

Outdoor style living in bodrum

Bodrum decors

White summer houses and blue painted door in Bodrum

The harmony of simplicity in traditional local architecture surrounded by dominant colors of  white, fuchsia, green and blue  with the combination of  gorgeous view  took my breath away again in this summer. It was hard to be back and now we are in fall. What can I say?  Here I m physically in Istanbul but my soul is there… Please don’t blame me for that or call me” greedy” that I had a long summer this year! If you are a lucky enough to breathe this beauty into lungs and decorate  your  eyes by the wonderful views you know that a limited of time  in Bodrum  is never enough…

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