Living in the hidden paradise

Turkish Coffee and Begonvilles

Turkish Coffee and Begonvilles

I love the Turkish phrase of “a single cup of coffee can create friendship that lasts forever” (bir kahvenin kırk yıl hatırı vardır).

I visited my friend Eren at her hidden paradise in Bodrum this summer and had one of my most tasteful Turkish coffee ceremony at her house. I must say she deserved the Turkish saying by her welcoming and highbrow attitude. Here she not only cooked the coffee but created a scene and taste which will make me remember at least for 40 years.  So I captured this nice frame of a wonderful day I spend with her and sister Arzu at their  place in hidden paradise.

As soon as you see the lush photos of a tropical scenery at Eren’ s summer house, you will understand what I mean by “paradise”. The architecture of stone houses in the complex dovetails perfectly with the surrounding of wild greenery and vegetation. The color and texture of natural local stone of Bodrum used in these houses coordinates so well by the landscape the buildings never ever dominates in the whole scenario and that makes me feel this place is an oasis. The stone houses also reminds me the cave houses by their rocky nest feeling. That is kind of place made by man to live a life gifted by nature I would call.

Stone Houses of Bodrum and the green Oasis

Here is the hidden stone house next to  huge banana tree

To relax and enjoy a hot summer day by the shadows of the lemon and banana trees is a life time experience which sticks in mind! I m thinking why as human beings are we forcing ourselves to live away from all these natural beauty??? Why are we just keep killing the wild beauty of nature around us and shut ourselves up into cells which we call apartment buildings? To live surrounded by the cement is not in our nature. Being here in the hidden paradise, I want to shout out that we have to live in the nature that where we belong to! Yes a good life is possible there we shall not be doomed by the rules of the old house metropolitan regularities. We need fresh air, we need green, we need aesthetics and we deserve to live in paradise.  Don’ t you agree?

Bodrum livingstyleMy friend Eren is sitting at her favorite place being happy

Lilac flowers and the natureDifferent levels of garden showcases all the variety of local  flowers into view as if it is a magical display

Lemons on the treeHere is the lemon tree which Barış had fallen a sleep underneath for about 3 hours while we were chatting in the garden

Stone Houses of Bodrum and the green OasisThese are the small stone houses scatter around the garden in different areas of the complex. They all made by using local materials and absolutely ecofriendly!

strange flowerThe giant tropical flower hides  out of the world alike core part in its heart. I find this plant strangely beautiful.

Bodrum Architecture and Stone HousesThe small windows and shutters protect stone house’ s residents from heat conditions of  sun and direct light.

I loved the  hallways  created between  the houses made of  natural stone, it is dreamlike to walk through them. They are pathways opening to exciting landscapes.

Bodrum Architecture

Here do you see an interesting contrast in this picture on top of the hills? The white box-like buildings are belong to famous Turkish architecture Eren Talu.

Bodrum The pool in the complex cools down the feeling of  hot summer.  The blue water is elegantly contoured by the flowers and greenery. And its amorph shape goes in different directions.

Club TürkbüküThe small fall in the middle of the pool uplifts the mood by its visually stimulating look and water sound.

Golturkbuku, BodrumAnd of course a paradise for a human being can not be without and hammock!

Bodrum Architecture and Stone HousesThe curves and grey color of the stone houses’ roofs hide the lines of the buildings in the nature while decorating the eye by its local architectural style form.

Fuschia begonvilles in BodrumFuchsia color begonvilles are everywhere from any angle I look in Bodrum

Flowers in Bodrum and natureI adored the great contrast of this coral color flower and its green leaves. Fresh and healthy!

flower and the fly

close up photo

Summer Houses and GardenThe landscape architecture  is so perfectly designed by its multilayered lush garden and different forms of leaves and plants.

Green gardensWhile I love the creative style of the landscape I appreciate the high maintenance of the garden. Without that the green could  not be that bright as it looks under the bright sun!

Blue Flowers

Cactus and PalmtreeThe huge cactus is one of the main member of the Bodrum habitat. I love their sculpture-like artistic  posture and ability of holding huge water reserve to protect themselves from dry weather conditions.

Lush Gardens of Bodrum

This Cacti looks like happy with its place by its large structure and bright colors.

Blue FlowersEren’ s house hidden behind the flowers while I farewell to a wonderful day spent with friends!

Bodrum Architecture and stone housesI say, I walked into the paradise and wished to our kind to remember the pleasant natural beauties at all  times and not to forget to urge of creating livable spaces and habitats for humansake. Please join my prayers!

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