Industrial style scenes from our furniture atelier / Back Stage

When you see a design product, would it be possible for you to guess how  it was made? Which tools were used to put them together?  The machines, the atelier, the industrial story behind??  Here,  I m sharing with you some details  from our furniture atelier’s  back stage. The performers (machines, tools,…) work precisely to change the shape of the materials which we embrace as goods in our lives.

I have taken these true industrial style photos in one lunch break without changing any placement  when the production was paused for an hour.  What I mean is no styling, pure rawness…  They were just lying down quietly as if they were waiting for their next roles. Being  as a passionate person for production,  I wanted to capture this industrial beauty right in that moment as the way they were…  their rusted, aged look, productive and industrial personality… After looking at these photos please think about the back stage story of the products the next time when you see and touch a product… These photos may help you to visualize the story behind and love it more and consider that they are not only things but they are pieces of  individual care, attention and production process….

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