Art on Atelier’ s walls

Yesterday, I went to our atelier to work on the details of our projects. But, I was more in an artistic mood so I was looking around me from different point of view and all the gorgeous art on the walls caught my attention.  I decided to capture them with my camera and share with you to say how much we are actually involved with art in our daily lives. All we need to do is to look around us a bit more carefully. What I framed u from the walls of the atelier are  the results of  effects, the paint splashes,  weathered and natural effects collected through the time.  I may call as happenning art cause it is in constant  motion and development. The artist has no name, but the art  has stamped its identity to the walls without being in need of a confirmation what it would call as an art… What I see here stands for itself not for the sake of anything else. It is pure art and honesty thats what it is….

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