Marcel Wanders’ s Inspiring Theatrical Interior Spaces and Photos

“Here to create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true.” says Marcel Wanders.

One of the most playful and experimental designer of our times Marcel Wanders creates environments by liberating his ideas. I find him highly inspiring the way he plays with scales in interiors and his brave approach to use colors and textures.  He is a mastermind of  applying his fantastic ideas to real world.  This passionate designer is having fun adapting  theatrical soul to spaces with his awesome designs and objects. I say “Why not?” while looking at his work. Do you?

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Designer (Textile & Interior Design)

11 thoughts on “Marcel Wanders’ s Inspiring Theatrical Interior Spaces and Photos

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    1. They re all default tools.I ve developed the site through the time by my personal search and applications.
      The page theme is chaotic soul, I ve added the widgets on the right column.I m glad u like it.

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