Living in Bodrum House styled by Gorgeous Bay Views

Who would not want to have a house in Bodrum? I know a lady who is passionately in love with her house and her neighborhood in Bodrum Aktur. She is my lovely sister-in-law. Since the day she bought this typical house last year,  she has diligently worked on the project in it’s every single detail and the  building went through major renovation. It had been replanned to live in comfort by family members and the guests. At the end, every little area had turned out to be a functional space. During the design and renovation work, architects paid extreme attention to stick up with the original look of the building.  I must admit they have done a great job!  Along by the infrastructure, the inside of the house has been rebuilt almost from the scratch to be able to function properly. The rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, entrance and living rooms planning all had changed. But not moved a bit from its original ground. Great applauses for that!

While decorating the house  lovely natural stones, beautiful marbles, warm wood materials have been used and soft clean lines created a livable space for 4 seasons in a great comfort. The saddle beige, taupe and brown colors provided a perfect ground to spice the decoration up by colors. Therefore, it is real fun to use accessories part of decoration as almost every color and texture fits into it without any problem.

I also found the outdoor design of the house remarkably smart. In every level of the house there is an open space for a terrace or balcony and all of them are very inviting during different times of the day. Each of them have been decorated by the comfortable couches filled by soft cushions enticing to take a nap or  to sleep outside under the stars.

Most of the time, the best living area changes according to the direction of the sun in summer houses Sometimes because of strong light and heat it is hard to stay inside. But in this house there is a livable space for every single hour of the day. It is so relaxing the way it lays out, sometimes it is even hard to go to beach which is just right by.

My most favorite floors are the 2 flat roofs which were turned out to be used as terrace spaces. The first level looks at the Bitez Bay and the half level up the second terrace views Ortakent Bay. 360 degrees of  natural beauty framed by the blue sky and the sea. It is an absolute festive at home to watch the sun set and moon reflection on the surface of the Aegean sea… Those are generally the times spend by the guests at home.

Last but not least the house is very inviting as the owners. My brother and his lovely wife made a great project together to enjoy their lives in their cozy nest with their loved once.

I m sad the summer is over now. I cant wait to go back to Bodrum next year to enjoy my holiday living in this gorgeous Bodrum House with my family.

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