Walking on the mediaval Siena streets

Siena, the medieval city which was built on three hills and surrounded by stone walls explains very well why I love traveling so much… It is sensing the shocky joyful feeling of facing the unusual and exploring the unexperienced. Different atmosphere touching to all my senses through my brain and soul, causes systematic change on my physical body as well by changing the rhythm of my heart beat and blood circulation.  The more exotic and the more unique it gets,  my feelings rise to a higher level and my mind aspires for more surprises to be satisfied..    After all, Siena made all this transitional alteration on my soul from the first minute I stepped into its streets…

In the heart of my Tuscany trip, my mind enthusiastically welcomed to the mysterious medieval history walking through its streets and observed the fairy architecture.

Enjoyed the hidden beauty in each and every detail.

I was so surprised  to see how daily life and history blends into todays modern life so well and residents live their lives in this antique city without giving any damage to it just rather adding a soul by its natural look.


The gorgeous buildings rise in between the narrow streets gracefully and quietly .

Only my outfit does not fit well into the surrounding, I wish I could have something like a mediaeval feminine dress so I could blend more into the streets of Siena…But I know what to wear on my next trip…

Sinem, my niece is giving pose in front of the ceramic atelier which she had forked for one year. She traveled from Firenze to Siena everyday and never complaint about it. She is an absolute Italian life lover enjoying every minute while living there..

I wanna stick myself to the walls of Sienna and do not want to leave this beauty at all

Warm palette of Siena glares by its artistic look and stays in my dreams forever

The big clock of Grand Hotel Continental inside the Hotel

The magestic wrought-iron lantern lamp in front of the Grand Hotel Continental

The Hotel goes back to 17th century,holds artistic details and frescos in its own charming interior.

Lamps of Grand Hotel Continental

I admire the artistic taste of Italian people and their culture. They do realize the values they have, live their daily lives strongly protecting it and  appreciating the aesthetics and art by love.  Who in the world can not accept the art and love are in the genes of Italians, everybody has something to learn from this artistic soul of these character. I feel like saying let’s be Italian for a second to see the difference in us…

Statues, cathedrals, great architecture and all art turn Siena into museum city.

Piazza del Campo is a central meeting  point for many people from around the world.

Piazza del Campo

Fonte Gaia is considered to be “the queen of Sienese fountains” both for its central position, Piazza del Campo, also as a work of art.

Here is a pet resident of Siena enjoying the view of Fonte Gaia on Sunday. He had the kindest look on his face.

Roaming between the streets is a good way to understand the styles of Gothic architecture and medieval city plan

The coffees around the Piazza del Campo hosts many residents and visitors during the day

Duomo Square

Duamo of Siena, Gothic, started to build on 1230

Magnificent handcrafted marble facade of Duamo of Siena

Detail of a multi-colored marble floor of Duamo of Siena

Wrought iron balconies decorate the stone buildings by its elegant and romantic look

A catholic Nun is walking on the Siena streets complimenting the spiritual look of the city from different century

Beautiful artwork of the entry gate of Basilica of San Domenico,  Gothic, 1225 and 1265

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