Affordable Art by Lumas / Stunning llustrations by Wolfgang Joop

Black Men´s Fashion – Back from N.Y.

I can not imagine a living space touched without an art piece. However, unfortunately many people are still reluctant to make it part of their decoration habit as the cost of it might be exceeding  the budget. These days, this is no longer an issue you can easily show your appreciation of art and your personal taste by ordering affordable art from Lumas. The company offers selected works from selected photographers and illustrators hand-signed artworks. The owner of Lumas Stefanie Harig & Marc Ullrich states “Editions normally range from 75 to 150 prints, some being available even  in full-wall sizes. This allows us to make high quality art photographs affordable to everyone.”

The company is also using special mounting systems and it is exciting to have the beautiful artworks and photographs to be exhibited by these techniques such as Lumasec and Lumabond which mounts the work under plexiglass and offer extra depth on white walls without need framing.

Today, I will be sharing  some artworks of Wolfgang Joop who is famous fashion designer and the founder of Joop brand and owner of Wunderkind. I think these artworks would look great on any wall by its graceful, sophisticated standing and strong colors.

Designmixer will be very happy to include Artworks from Lumas in coming projects.

Do you have jetlag? – Back from N.Y.


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