Funtastic Ali Bakova

Ali Bakova is a closed box, mysterious but at the same time so playful and full of surprises. I think these collection of photos which had been created by the default magazine design team is not a fantasia but more real to me to tell the truth. Knowing him for  a long time as a friend, coworker and dreamsharer he has always been unique, motivating and welcoming to new ideas.

He is also the fostering source behind the Designmixer‘ s new place in Maslak. Very glad we will be neighbour soon since being around him is an inspiring joy… I m sure his students already knows what I mean. He is a creative icon of industrial design for years in Turkey. He is ageless himself and his designs are timeless. Ali can be  exotic where as very slick and modern. After all, very well mixed by ideas and inspirations surrounding him but never confused. You never know what is in the back of his mind, he may be so humble on the otherhand maybe in vain by his approach to things that he is skeptical about.

What I like about in his designs he never looses his roots, even though he has a very clean and minimal line,  most of the time he dreams about the traditional Turkish culture, local details, items and execute them in an unexpected way. He is a type of contemporary designer who is playing with the elements of design like a toy. Looking at the details of these photos, it is also possible  to see many objects he created. In these photo compositions, I just loved the way how all components have been gathered and correlated each other, reflected the strong idea of what Ali Bakova is about. I absolutely having joy looking at these pictures, not only the way they explain about Ali, but their artistic and smart look. This is a new wave of  Turkish Design understanding but absolutely not new for Ali. He has been always been dreaming about it since he was born….

You can find the “Funtasia Ali Bakova” story in Default magazine’ s most recent July issue.

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