New York – City offers variety of ethnic styles for Home Decoration

What I like about New York is the city has always been belong to the world not only to America.  It is possible to point out people from anywhere in the world with any kind of style on the streets. This kind of social structure in a metropolitan city like NY  carries the ethnic design diversity  to homes and personal styles. One day you may wake up  want to add some spice into your style by Indian design materials or would like to see colors of Turkish patterns and fabrics decorating your home or would like to meditate your mind by nice and simple style of  design objects from Thailand. What ever  your wish is the city is offering  all the options from the world to keep you up with the style you admire the most or passionate about.  

Needless to say, I m so happy to see many products from Turkey. It is wonderful to see them that how wonderful they can be blended by Indian, French, Chinese , contemporary or minimalist furnitures.

Here is the pictures I have taken at ABC store which has always makes me amazed by the diversity of products which they are offering. The store welcomes everybody, all cultures.

“New York – City offers variety of ethnic styles for Home Decoration” için bir cevap

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