Creating the most attractive natural spaces discovering your natural talent



Using natural materials for decoration have the greatest power to create most inspiring, loving and environmental friendly spaces. There are millions of things you do using the gifts from nature at your home like stones, wood, metal, grass, cotton, wool, linen materials.  The biggest advantage of this materials are they get along perfectly fine with the other materials around. They are a great calmer for eye and soul. It’s simple positive natural tranquility creates a true wabi sabi style while creating a fine natural glamour without so much effort. The natural palette really do not have to be all about brown, beige and white. Chalky neutrals, coastal neutrals, grass greens, grey shades of  stone they are all counted as a great tones of natural color groups. I don’ t remember any fashion or interior trend color of the year palette skipping the beautiful shades of nature.  They really do have…

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Designer (Textile & Interior Design)

3 thoughts on “Creating the most attractive natural spaces discovering your natural talent

  1. The importance of fabrics combining says it all!
    A breath of fresh air to receive you.
    Thank you forever,

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