Wishing love and peace on earth!

peace and love

Peace, love and harmony are 3 things speaking the common language of humanity. Those are the feelings which create the real purpose of our being and we go after them all throughout our lives. They deeply rise in heart and soul.  Once we find  them we never want to loose them ever again.  No doubt, since we are social beings our feelings need other people’s positive involvement and good intentions. That is  probably one of the reason why it is so hard to achieve peace and harmony. There are always constant interactions trying to break the connection of positive flow.  But, on the other hand there are strong sources on earth help us to achieve good feelings such as nature and good intentions. However, some powers _which call themselves as system_ constantly try to take that peace away from our heart and leave us alone with negative feelings of anxiety, fear, stress and hopelessness. This is the real difficulty which we face in todays civilized cultures. The borders are drawn and defined by authorities while we want to discover our own purpose of life to reach to our own happiness. But, in spite of all we should still stay hopeful while the awareness is rising higher each day and people realize the road to happiness is possible only by achieving personal freedom. And no other thoughts or ideologies could be stronger than this reality.

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As many of you know Turkey is giving a battle against brutality of authorized political regime. People on the streets are shouting out for their own freedom and real democracy. Cause, people are aware the only way to reach peace of mind is freedom. Understanding, respect, sincerity and love could not be possible without its existence. This is a resistance ruled only by personal drives not by any other authorities or groups. This reality is in fact very hard to digest by the current politically motivated group of people cause this system is something which they find hard to understand. There is no single group but variety of people and thoughts. Applying certain strategies or playing with the words on speeches are not a solution  for people looking for real peace and personal freedom at the end. Peace and harmony would either be there or  would not exist. There is no blur or grey line in between. It is clear as black and white. So, now people in Turkey are standing for what they personally believe, they are not falling for anything else. It is a true determination to continue breathing fresh air not a brutal spice gas, a resistance to keep the nature _which is a great source of  body and soul_ and most of all, to stand out any kind of behaviors which would kill the peace and love in between people… This is not a battle of one country but a symbolic movement for humanity for bright future of shining, happy people. Wishing love and peace to all people on earth!

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