Why using pure white is so tempting in decoration?


white and cool

White is pure, white is love. The concept of white is strong enough to clean our soul and gives an energy to restart as white, clean page is the messenger of good things to come in the future.

Besides all the psychological identity lets talk about its great power in interiors.  White is in fact not a color but light itself. It combines all wavelengths of colors and it is a great helper to create visually appealing decorative style. White opens up the smallest spaces, provides air and freshness. It does  not only create an illusion of a larger space but also unifies the decoration around it.

Eventhough, white is simple it provides endless options to create perfect background for most stylish spaces. All shades of white looks great in any style whether it is traditional, modern or in between. White is a perfect backdrop to enhance the texture and finishes…

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Designer (Textile & Interior Design)

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